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I thought single player games were dead

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My favorite console of all time has to be the original Playstation. It was revolutionary in serving as the gateway to my love for gaming from all genres. I started gaming on the original Sega genesis with games like Lion King, Aladdin, and streets of rage, but became completely consumed with gaming when I first played Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. That day will never be forgotten and as a gamer amongst millions of gamers, I must say thank you Playstation.

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Sony showed everyone else what an E3 conference is supposed to look like. It was definitely the best conference I have seen in years.

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PS4 is clearly dominating and is not slowing down anytime soon. Next Year will be even better for the PS4.

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You really should care. Sales of a console usually determines how much support the said console will get further down the line. Why do you think third parties moved away from the Wii-U? Because of sales. Why do you think certain developers favor prioritizing games for one platform/ console over another? Because of sales. So, all in all Septic, sales do matter.

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It's funny because you won't see any reviewers point this out, but if it was the other way around, and the PS4 was missing even a rock on the floor, there would be articles all over the place talking about PS4 being bested by Xbox One due to CPU and Cloud processing.

I can see that the media is trying very hard to protect the Xbox One lately.

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When it comes to PSN, Xbox fans are like, "It's the end of the world!". When it comes to Xbox live being down, they're like, "It's not down for me. Must be in Africa."

Tired of the double standards. PSN and Xbox are both down at the same rate.

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This statement from an EA exec is exactly what I expected. They want the Xbox One to succeed at all costs because if the XBox One fails, so does EA's subscription service.

In the end, everyone I know still wants a PS4 over an Xbox One. It will take many years for the Xbox One to even try and catch up to the PS4's worldwide lead.

Anyway, why does it matter to XBox fans?? Thought it's about the games, not the sales?

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Cry babies? You my friend are anti-consumer. As a consumer, you have the right to voice your opinion about any product you buy. If you bought a product for a reason, and it is being under-utilized for obvious illegitimate reasons, you as a consumer have the right to voice that. You're being a cry baby for coming in every article and claiming others are being cry babies. Stop being a hypocrite and go play some games. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions and should not be called c...

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I have been completely pleased with my PS4 purchase and as a gamer, I know I made the right choice. I may eventually think of an Xbox One, but I would rather get the Wii U first because most Xbox Exclusives usually make their way to the PC anyway.

This is going to be an amazing generation for all gamers.

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What is going on with all the PS4 hate lately? It is getting ridiculous and seems more like a campaign.

Either way, Xbox fans don't play numbers or graphics unless it is in their favor. Let's all stop being hypocrites and just enjoy your console of choice.

It just so happens that more people have the PS4 as their preferred console of choice. That does not make your console of choice obsolete.

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Pretty sure they predicted the same thing last month and what happened? Pretty sure they predicted the same thing when Titanfall launched and what happened? Pretty sure they'll continue predicting the same bs every month and guess what will continue to happen?

It's time to leave the sales alone. PS4 is killing and Xbox and Wii are selling. It is what it is. Now go enjoy your games.

@above: XBOX having better games is completely subjective. That is you...

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8gbs of memory vs 512mbs of memory from last gen is not an improvement? The amount of facepalm needed for your comments right now. Fact is Ubisoft is pulling an industry practice that we can no longer tolerate. As gamers, we have the power to let our voices speak out through our wallets. Microsoft buckled under the pressure and so will Ubisoft.


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If Ubisoft believes in so called parity, then why not make it 900p across all three platforms including the PC? This really does look like a cop out and Microsoft fans are celebrating in delusion as usual because to them graphics do not matter hence why they chose to skip this generation and stick with their Xbox 360s. Oh wait.

It makes no sense to argue with Xbox one fans anyway, they still defend Microsoft's controversial DRM policies to death so it only makes sense for...

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I want one too!

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Always wanted this. I'd love one!

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It's so easy to put the blame on fanboys but Microsoft is at fault here as well for their wording. They should have been straightforward with their info and stated it was a timed exclusive.

Microsoft has been playing word games when it comes to consoles shipped and their supposed "exclusives". When they go back on their wording and have to clarify what was stated, it usually leads to more 180s. Xbox One-80.

@Joe913: I agree 100%. Gamers are not ...

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Square Enix just made Uncharted the goto adventure game for this gen.

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That is how you know that you won Gamescon. When your games are constantly being talked about positively, you won. Sony brought a plethora of high quality games across different genres and it was an amazing day for them. Two Wii-u only friends of mine are getting the Ps4 now because of Rime. Ps4 is the new Ps2.

@Below: And not for good reasons either. That is not what I would call positive press. Ps4 games are all receiving positive press right now.

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