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Lool that’s the truth right there.

Gamers are the problem. If you don’t speak with your wallet you words don’t mean shit.

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Let them take time with this game. The gameplay reveal definitely caught me by surprise. And with the disappointment that is Dying light 2 I want this game to be better.

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Same I only recently got a 3080 and I game at 1440p so I’m going to sit with this card for the next few years.

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Bloodlines changed the entire dev team from the original team that made the previous game. I wouldn’t hold any hope for this title now…

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Imagine this Halo being your most anticipated game with all the other games out there loool

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Sir that was perfection 👏🏾

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Think Avengers but Gotham Knights… that’s what this live service game is.

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That doesn’t make any sense. Why would they invest in a game that came out earlier in the year and everyone who wants to play it already has. It’s one of the most highest selling games this year.

That would be a terrible investment for Microsoft at this point. They won’t make their money back on it.

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I wouldn’t bet on ff16 making it for 2023….

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Sounds good but I’m waiting for co op to play it as I’ve always played halo campaigns co op can’t imagine what it’s like playing it single player. That’s like playing gears single player to me it’s a no go.

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The bigger missing thing is co op. I’ve always played halo campaigns co op so I’ll wait for that before I play this game.

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Twinifnite always posting about star citizen eh. That site is its biggest fan.

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Witcher 3 is one of the best rpgs to date.

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Witcher 3 remains the bar of RPGs. Cyberpunk needs to catch up that first. And it’s made by the same dev.

GTA shouldn’t even be mentioned here it’s not an rpg so it’s goal is completely different. And it has a more realistic open world to add. So not even comparable at all.

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A halo campaign without coop…


I’ll just have to wait to online co op is available. Looks like it will be fun when it’s in tho.

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I prefer when games disappear I don’t need monthly updates when your game is years away from release.

Just go away and come back when you’re ready to launch.

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The crowdfunded game that will never be released lol in fact they can release a broken unfinished game and just put out an apology like most game devs these days….

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Without co op it’s DOA to me until then. I have never played a halo campaign single player.

Co op is the core of this franchise to me.

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Why would they treat it like the other expansions when it’s a character that’s just exclusive to one platform?

It makes no sense for them to put in so much effort that’s why he hasn’t got a story campaign cause it would just piss off all their other players.

The minimal amount of effort for this makes all the sense in the world when the character is locked to just one platform. So you shouldn’t put much advertising on it at all.

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