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It became greedy when console makers starting charging just to access the mp portion of our games 2 gens ago. Been going downhill ever since. Thanks MS, worse thing that's happened to console gaming.

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How about just staying out of the optional area and sticking to enemies in pve you can dominate so you're not complaining about being dominated? All I see are the folks on the losing end upset that they are not the ones dominating. Why enter into an anything goes zone and complain?

I haven't been inside a dz since beta, maybe try that instead of complaining about getting rolled in an optional area looking for more powerful gear just so you can be the ones doing the...

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Can not wait for the inevitable division amongst what will now be 4 different user groups. Forums should be extremely interesting following their releases.

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Same boat, played a bit and set it down. Didn't find it terrible or anything like that, just average. Hope this update reinvigorates my desire to play.

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You are not alone. You are not alone. Sooner or later maybe that will sink in.

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Save your clicks people, if you've read the title you've read the article. Nothing but generalizations.

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Extremely boring and I actively avoid any game/movie/tv series that goes that route. And to be clear that goes for any race, I like seeing diverse characters as THAT'S the real world, at least mine. I can't think of a single time I've left my home and only saw ONE race of people walking around.

Don't know where these folks live where that is indeed the case, but you might wanna look outside your little bubble and realize and recognize that one race is not s...

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Sorry cod4 fans, it's a great business move. They get to cash in on all the folks who think this the best one in the series, which are aplenty and move units that may or may not have needed help getting moved. Genius.

These are BUSINESSES, not your buddy across the dorm room. They can milk all the money from the early adopters, wait a while and resale it as a separate game and PLENTY of you all are still gonna eat it up because cows are meant to be milked, you just can...

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Totally agree with cliffy, bout time a certain segment realize that there are other folks who don't look like them but more than capable to perform the same tasks. Tired of stereotypes that aren't rooted in reality but pushed out and accepted by those unwilling to acknowledge such, or simply don't care because it doesn't affect them or worse agree.

You can feel the anger when posts suggest that by using anything other than the 'accepted' is pandering...

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I hate click bait titles.

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Stop watching fantasy tv and catch up on actual history. More than a few black "gangs" CRUSHED their Italian counterparts. Blown away at the notion that one race is totally unstoppable but another race wouldn't stand a chance on their own, based NOTHING more than on their race? Italians are the only ruthless ones around? Baffling.

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Agreed, leave GTA as it is and just make a new game set in London for all the folks dying to play an Englishman or interested in staring at big Ben.

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My frustrations have been diminished after learning I can revert (somewhat) back to the old layout. Who's idea was it to have the default style a bunch of crap thrown on the wall? Way too much thrown in my face all at once without giving me any additional info about what the article is about. Function over flash. Always.

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I don't understand your post, when you turn up the difficulty on other games it doesn't change the ai patterns or increase the number of enemies on screen, it simply makes them hit harder and/or gives them a health buff.

The souls series is built the exact same way, except the game is already on it's hard difficulty and by completing the game you unlock a "harder" version that does what, a simple ai health/damage buff.

Tell me what ISN&#...

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Shh, you don't want to run around crushing egos now do you?

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I agree with everything you stated except the part about elitism, which in fact does go hand in hand with beating the game.

Way too many of the community think that beating a current game utilizing old arcade era mechanics that were implemented to drain quarters from wide eyed adolescents is somehow an achievement or should be an achievement for everyone.

I dunno, haven't had a hard time completing any of them save my first experience in DeS and even in my ...

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Totally agree though quite a few pvp elitist will say otherwise though funny enough the devs BARELY mention the pvp aspect when discussing the game, yet somehow they think pvp is the end all be all for everyone when it's not even a priority for the devs themselves lol.

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Sadly, I feel compelled to agree with your assessment due to reading between the lines of some earlier comments from previous articles I'm convinced of this as well.

Using the excuse ( one among many excuses) that the term 'mafia' can and should only represent pale skin individuals tells me that either they don't American history or they are completely delusional with the thought that only one race is worthy of the term.

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No one is trying to force their opinion on anyone, however just because you enjoy the smell of a turd doesn't change the fact that it is indeed still a turd.

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Why stop at dlc before release? Why don't dev teams just start talking about the sequel before release? I mean 5 months isn't like half a year away, right?.

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