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i bet u were saying that while eating a hotdog and shining up ur spitoone. no one wants to hear u and ur stereotypes. we whities arent exactly as loved worldwide as the japanese are, u got no room to talk.

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when u think of the xbox 360, u think high end pc ports, xbox ports, and ps2 ports. its got nothing but ports on it except for pdz, kameo, table tennis, etc etc that arent really gonna make someone buy the console. people who want one for the heck of it have already gotten one. now it needs that one title that will make everyone go out and buy it. i hope that it is going to be gears of war, but we all know epic can make a stinker with its first game based on its new engine, look at unreal...

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i finally buy a console at launch, and im suddenly reminded why i never used to.

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whenever microsoft gets around to it. its sad that not even the devlopers know how long it takes them to certify something. no wonder ncsoft hates the xbox live model.

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anyways, i loved the first one. i think its better than geo wars is some aspects. who knows, mayb this will be the next arcade game we get.

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until its strategically usefull to them. like at e3, or the begining of spring, fall. i think right now is important. alot of angry people around going into a time when the competitors are launching. what happens if prey, chromehounds and bfme2 suck? in the winter we had cod2, spring we had graw/oblivion, and now its summer and no AAA title. i highly doubt we get one until september if then.

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its rocked from ps1 to psp. i just hope that the ps3 games arent 99 dollars, i really dont fee llike paying 109 dollars for a game in canada. i have a 360, and the 69 dollars plus tax is outrageous. anyways, i love this series, and i hope its affordable.

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and in the gameplay vid it was so so slow. i thought motorstorm looked ok though. like a next gen atv offraod fury, more or less what i expected. but this game has horrible lanscapes. the vehicles look sharp, but not interesting.

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You must only play the xbox japanese games. They are like that because they know they only get sales from america, and they think that is what we want. Japanese games on the ps2 are so much better, save for ninja gaiden, then what they make for the xbox platform. All u guys have to admit that graw, gears of war, and halo 3 wont help out in japan. Realistic+guns+overviolent=no sales in japan. Just look at gta, sells like 1000 units over there. Its a mega hit here. Thats all there is to ...

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Is running into some snags ms didnt forsee. Its just my opinion, but the problems with the download limit, lag, and pricing structures are lame.

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