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1.6 @ 8 cores = bad performance you will NOT get 1080p @ 60 fps with that crap.

I dont see how its even possible.
Consoles are junk, lowend hardware with lowend results.

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def not a texture expert who did this, but either way shows the power of the PC.

PCs can do anything.
With season devs supporting this kind of thing, remakes would be VERY impressive for the PC and its horsepower.

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You people live in fear, what a sad pathetic world we live in. Freedom is worth nothing if you live with fear of everything that could possible (1/300,000000) chance of it being a bomb AKA it isnt likely at all.

I'll take real freedom before coping out to fear like the rest of ya.

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Eight cores running at 1.6GHz AMD

LMFAO thats terrible!!! hahahaha

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Lighten up,

Because of a few crazies people should stop trying to have fun?

No way, keep at it. Freedom to live however you want. Thats what these pranksters are doing.

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All the best horror games ever made were third person.

This is a refreshing change, lets just hope it isnt too casual. Then it will be perfect!

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crysis on PC had this before it became console driven port. lol

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pointless lol hope it was worth the effort.

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U mad bro?

Look at the post I replied to.

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" every single gamer will tune in to Microsoft's reveal to hear truth from rumor."

Someone is out of touch with reality; newsflash majority of gamers arnt on N4G and they are busy with life. lol #fail

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BF3 bugs and lack of refunds, same with sim city.
Orgin is crap.

EA has TERRIBLE customer service, thats why they suck in my book.

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Whats the #1 problem with our world? Greed.
This game was rushed to turn a profit, minimal investment with maximum payout.

Video games arnt about art anymore, its about $$$$$

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Good advice, sadly if consoles were superior to PC gaming i'd be glued to my consoles.

They arnt, they are hard to look at on the eyes; low res, bloom and jaggies. Ontop of that I can only game on them. Like wtf, waste of hardware potential.
PCs do alot more then just gaming, hell they create all the games you play on consoles to boot.

PC masterace.
Consoles poor mans PC.

Technically that system has TWO gpus w...

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Are you serious? LMFAO

This has to be the most dense thing i've ever read on N4G. M$ biggest competitor is Sony in the console venu, that will NEVER change thus M$ focus will never change either.

Where do you learn your info from? Please stop using it.

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Obviously people want it for JUST gaming on a GAMING website. Reality is i see people using it for media, netflix even youtube ALL THE TIME.

Thus microsoft has market samples, they know its a proper direction and I agree. Consoles are basically low end PCs so they may as well make them advanced enough to do some great things. People use them for more then just games.

More is better. Less is worse.

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Yoda,i said the same thing on a console thread; all the fangirls downvote reality.

lol @ delusional people

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Its a mobile level GPU, not high end. LMAO HYPE marketing or what?

Look @ the numbers, mid range-low end hardware.

Number never lie, low end is low end; good luck getting 1080p @ 60fps.

PC masterace.

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Its a mobile level GPU, not high end. LMAO HYPE marketing or what?

Look @ the numbers, mid range-low end hardware.

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Because consoles have been shit, always been shit for the PC industry.

What have consoles given us since 360/PS3 era? Ports ports and more ports. Consoles gimp the massive technological advantage PCs have always had due to devs building/desinging games around low end hardware (Consoles) then porting it to PC without doing it justice.

Consoles will always be the enemy of PC innovation and pushing the limits because of this fact.

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I cant comprehend the type of insane person who would actually spend time doing this. /Waste of life.

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