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Im saying its still racist whether you are echoing it or not. Being spanish doesnt exclude you from that at all. You guys are not dumb you know what the hell they meant by a hip-hop walk and im not excusing that either. Thats where the ignorance comes in to play.

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well that's just racist and ignorant

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you guys are complaining when it literally says "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be terminated on May 31st of 2022. This only affects the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions" if you still are stuck on ps3 and 360 thats your fault

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I laughed @generic

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Yes and they said that was the game programming and ALSO that was a pre patched disc version which wasn’t improved at all.

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So you can’t name one cool!

Umm Godfall which has improved immensely and Demons Souls which was built from the ground up for PS5 even if it doesn’t have ray tracing because that’s another story.

Ratchet and clank is another one

Ohh and Spider-Man!

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What else is coming at launch? Please name an exclusive? I’ll wait

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Im confusion

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Nope that works don’t know why you got downvoted lol

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Most powerful console to play all back compat games :)

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How small are your hands!?

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@fall It’s pure next gen because it doesn’t come out on anything beforehand.

It’s a REMAKE not a remaster:)

Seems like I pushed a button there @stevey......

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All they have is games from 2018 and back that they love to show.

They won’t dare show a PURE NEXT GEN TITLE like Demons Souls.

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Nice comeback.....

Big man lol

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lol just no

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Actually DF says the same thing.....

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I’m giving PSNow about two months before we see it as BETTER than game pass.

No console wars here just a observation with how quietly they are bringing games on board

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Wow CDPR back at it again with the delay......

Screw CP2077

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I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who thinks so

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