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Nintendo gives the consumer what Nintendo thinks the consumer wants.

sony gives the consumer what they ask for

Nintendo are specialists in one particular field, the masters of their art

sony stick their fingers in as many pies as possible

Nintendo are experimental and creative

sony only hop on a bandwagon once it has gathered considerable pace



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I want die hard trilogy to be included.

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It just shows Nintendo are the true market leaders/trendsetters. Everyone else just follows.

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It can and does.

The matrix (ie the reality simulator used to enslave humans) was actually being streamed on the switch from the actual CPU based on the moon.

If you look closely at the jacking in chairs, they all have switch tucked underneath the seat

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when you buy physical you literally receive something to show for it.

when you buy digital you only virtually have something.

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So switch is a portable wiiu now

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in my opinion

0-7 = unplayable. not worth gambling your well earned money on.

8 = it will at least be good, worth a gamble

9-10 = blind buy

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people only dislike using numbers in reviews when the game they had high hopes for gets the wrong number

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You don't need to be qualified to have an opinion.

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A review is only good or accurate if it reaffirms your own opinion. If not, it's clickbait or trolling.

Same applies to opinions on this site.

People should look at and read about a game they are interested in and make their own decision if they want to buy it or not. It's all a matter of taste and opinion.

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people seem to be forgetting the game aspect of.. gaming.

I mean, 4k Mario bros is still Mario bros.

this resolution and frame rate race is a pointless distraction, in my opinion. people seem less and less interested in the actual game.

also, consoles used to be special because they were plug and play. this was a major distinguishing factor between consoles and pc's. you didn't have to upgrade a console or its software, you didn...

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I prefer the E3 Spiderman character costume. The release one looks too cartoony

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I wonder how much it would fetch on ebay

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Everyone should be entitled to their opinion, even if it is not a popular one. Blasting a reviewer for an unfavourable review, says more about you, than the review.

Also, this attitude of 'only favourable reviews are good' extends to the comment section of this site... I mean, when you check the 'innapropriate' comments here, 99percent are just people giving their view.

If you are only allowed to give popular or favourable opinions, then ...

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this is why nintendo will continue recyling obsolete last gen tech in its hardware- it increases their profit margins. win for them as they laugh all the way to the bank, but gamers lose out because the saving nintendo make using old junk tech isnt passed on to consumers, we get tech past its sell by date and the industry suffers because one of the most innovative companies is using tech nobody wants to develop games for..

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mario galaxy was not about freedom or exploration. it was very linear. it was just a series of paths.

sunshine had wide open spaces to explore.

the stages in galaxy are similar to small stages found in sunshine and mario 64... these stages are essentially on rails, its not about freedom at all, it was more testing your platforming skills.

as was pointed out in another comment, galaxy created an illusion of vast space simply by separating th...

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the bizarre way you control the game. its not like the old ones where you just play the game, you now have to use the controller in a pointless way to steer/shoot.

ie it now has added gimmicks. gimmicks it doesnt need. if it aint broke, dont fix it

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all three look rubbish.

nobody plays games like that. it doesnt look fun, just annoying.

it also looks like they've ruined starfox by adding stupid gimmicks

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i see the 3ds game as the insurance- ie if the wiiu didnt take off and gain a large user base to guarantee smash bros success, they would have it on 3ds to pick up the lost sale.

and this is exactly what has happened. the wiiu has failed, and now they put smash bros wiiu on the shelf to concentrate on getting the 3ds version out first.

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