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wow i dont know what you guys are looking at but that looks DAMN good for a handheld.

the video looks better because you get to see the specular, realtime lighting, and reflections at work, The reason you cant tell in the screens is because you need more than one frame to appreciate all of those effects.

Its a handheld and a kickass one at that to my knowledge ive never seen a handheld racing game look that good ever, your not dealing with a ps3 or 360 here yo...

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“I have to say that this discussion is a bit over the top because people don’t understand that the PC is more powerful than a console – they haven’t looked under the hood and in detail,”

Stealth Insult haha. Nice

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Glad everyone gets to play it.

But please guys after this comes out dont act like crysis isnt still the monster it is just because they ported to consoles.

Enjoy the game learn the story, but dont discount The massive Improvement on all fronts that the pc version offers to this game when the next console gen launches you too will have the opportunity to experience the image fidelity that us pc gamers brag about this gen and you will know exactly why we were s...

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@your friend.

the mistake he made with pc begins with "A" and rhymes with "Alienware".

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Milk that ancient engine MILK IT MOAR!!!

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I bought one of these on ebay a long time ago.

lol Sucker was almost as loud as my 6970 @ 100% but all the time.

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Friggin Sweet'

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Bull, horse, cow, donkey, monkey, chicken, gopher, cat........ Shit.

If your definition of improved is removing from every aspect of the game for performance.

It will be a good title just dont bullshit people OP/Crytek.

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my 2 cents.

they will gut this game port to cryengine 3
lower texture rez to the rez of those in crysis 2 and switch to their new deferred ligting and shadow system.

Come on people. dont fool yourselves if they couldnt get crysis 2 to be the best looking game on consoles, they have no chance of doing so with arguably the best looking game released on pc. absolutely bogus.

list of things i am almost sure will be squeezed for performanc...

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Problem exists between keyboard and chair.

[email protected]!!!!

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I Choose my old PC

In pic amd quad something 3.8 ghz
radeon 5750 1gb
2gb ddr2

lol, my new setup is in a tower, albeit an off white yellow old turd tower, but it absolutely shits on a ton of $3k dells

no pics or I would show you.

new system I5 2500k
radeon 6970
4gb ddr3

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Heres a pic of my old open air setup just for kicks.

I choose pc because Its exactly MY style.

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me like

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just imagine uncharted 2 but clearer hd makes things look more crisp.

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I really didnt like this game. I still have it but i have never gotten close to half way through. I thought it was a terrible game with bad writing bad graphics bad gameplay. Unforgivable.

I also was mad that they didnt use the cryengine, they used the dunia engine which is handicapped.

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Im pretty sure I had a huge fight with rhianna in a water filled server room half way through the game.

and she nearly whoopped my ass.

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Dont need five reasons all you need is this

"Roll the tape tony!"

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This game is seriously one of the best ive played EVER.

When i say that I mean i absolutely have no problem saying its up there with halflife 2 on my number one games list.

And a side note if anyone has read the e-book titled "the sleepwalking world" hidden behind a wall in some sewer in the game you will be like WHAT? did they seriously put that in the game?

this ebook outlines the illuminati and the bilderberg group and the corrup...

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Im still deciding if being an active member of n4g is worth the constant bombardment by some shit I dont care about on every page.

on topic this dude is pretty dumb

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