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this man speaks the truth. the ylod fix is very easy. i did it to my 20 gig upgraded to 500. works like a charm. i also did it to my friends. works like a charm. and now i am in the business of fixing other peoples for 50 bucks. i've done about 6 ylod playstations and every one of them have worked.

i'm about to put an add on craigslist that says i fix ylod ps3's for 50 bucks. i'm that confident that i can fix them with no hitch. it is very easy. the system is...

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meanwhile in japan:

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i'll give you 75 bucks for your old one.

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it's soo easy to fix. it cost nothing. and takes an hour. y wouldn't u fix it yourself. all thats happened is the heat sinc that sony uses gives away. you take your ps3 apart which is super easy. you scrape the cpu/gpu of all the old heat sinc. you heat up the two processors u let it sit for about 15 minutes u put a thin layer of silver heat sinc on and put the thing back together. it is very very easy. i watched a youtube video while i did it. and the thing fired right up.

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because it's easy as hell. and it takes about an hour and cost 5 bucks. instead of waiting weeks and paying 150.

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just fixed my ps3 ylod. took less than an hour to take apart and put back together. plus the 20 minutes i let my motherboard cool after i heated the cpu and gpu up with my heatgun. i had a heatgun. and the tools. all i paid was 5 bucks for a tube of heat sinc. the thing fired right up when i was done.


i'm thinking i might start buying ylod ps3's and resale them. it's soo easy to reflow them with heat sinc. the thing comes apart really easy....

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i'll take parking mania please

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what else do you want?

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we don't know if it's a poor mans gears, because it's not out yet. what if it's better than gears? is it still gonna be a poormans gears?

we know dantes was a poormans gears cause it's out and we've played it and we know it's not as good as god of war.

we don't know anything about QT.

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everything is a ripoff of everything. u could say gears is a ripoff of killswitch if you wanted. any game with a gun in it is a ripoff of what ever game had a gun in it the first time.

we as gamers shouldn't care as long as games are good.

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this is the first time i'm leaving a comment on the new site. and let me say. good job. i always thought the old way of replying and leaving comments was extremely archaic. good job n4g. i love the new layout.

anyways on topic.

kind of like dantes inferno?
whats the point?

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lei on tekken. had great moves and a bunch of different fighting stances you could switch to on the fly.

he's my favorite

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how long do you think it takes for them to try to talk acti into letting them make a ps3 exclusive.

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whats a fupa

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maiku your the cancer thats killing /b/

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do people really still care about these things? at this point. what happens when we're at around 70 to 80 million. and xbox is 3 million ahead. i mean does that really matter?

my god u guys can get pathetic about stuff.

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wasn't the game ready to come out around the same time MGS4 was coming out? and didn't mgs4 pretty much scare these guys into comletely scraping the game, and start over.

so i'd say mgs4 and uncharted are the two reasons that splinter cell is the game it is today. and the game it is today comes nowhere close to those games.

i saw a comercial for it the other day, and all i can say is it looks ugly, gameplay might be spot on. but graphix wise NOT SO MUCH.

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1 is nice. 2 is hot. 3 NOT SO MUCH. and i like the nip slip on last one.

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r u seeing the same number 3 as i am? we can't be.

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