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Screw EA!!

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I finished Fallout 4 back in January and kept trying to go back since but I just can't get into anymore. It just doesn't have the same replay value compared to Fallout 3.

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All EA had to do was release Titanfall 2 next spring when it had less competition.

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If your'e complaining about more games than you're being delusional.

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I highly doubt this many rumors are fake dude.

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Bethesda is not even close!

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I already put over a hundred hours when this first came out so I'll pass.

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Just proves how arrogant and out of touch Nintendo really is!

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Bro I'm just joking with you, damn.

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LMAO dude, you that insecure about it lol

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You get dislikes because you have the worst rapper in history as your avatar, smarten up!

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Also Kingdom Hearts 2.8 if u wanna count remasters.

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Also Iam Setsuna.

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Dude you're bugging! Watch Dogs is severely downgraded from it's E3 showing. The lighting, explosions, textures etc have all been downgraded to the point where even last gen titles look better. The animations are crap as well, like I said before Ubisoft is the worst culprit of downgrading their games. Just look at The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, and the new Ghost Recon.

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The difference is Ubi's downgrades are like a generational difference. I played The Witcher 3 on XB1 and the game still looks great, especially considering how big the world is. Watch Dogs on XB1 and PS4 literally looks like a PS3 game, there is no reason why Red Dead Redemption should look better than it! That's the difference fool, there is no double standard. Ubisoft is shit and they suck at optimizing their games..PERIOD!

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They need to just shut up release this game, I don't wanna hear anymore talk about it!

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Even if Scorpio is more powerful Microsoft still doesn't have as many first party studios so PS4 will still have more and better games period!

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The Bloody Baron quests are some of the best writing I've witnessed in a video game!

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I feel like you guys are trolling because The Witcher 3 combat is much better than the Souls series.The way Geralt moves in combat actually feels like it's a real person unlike the stiff fell of the Souls games. You guys are crazy, this game blows away the competition for modern rpgs! You have to use tactics in the Witcher 3 especially at harder difficulties, I loved the dialogue as well.

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