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If he wanted to play with his PS4 friends online, he wouldn't have hacked his Pro.

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Since you cannot track that information, your argument holds no weight. All we can discuss is the numbers sold, everything else is speculation and assumptions.

I could argue that the majority of people that wanted this game would have bought it since it's cheaper than the average game.
You have to remember that when your Game Pass subscription ends, you cannot play the game. So if you actually liked the game, it would make sense to buy ...

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The price of both need to be considered as well. State of Decay released at half the price of Detroit.

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This game will be available on Steam, just like the first game, why would "Sony trolls" care? Almost everyone has a capable PC to run this game.

Either way, I cannot wait for this sequel. Absolutely loved the first game.

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Then why show a trailer for it at E3 if they want people to forget about it? I highly doubt it will be canceled.

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Do you think the same about Crackdown and Terry Crews?
I don't see any articles talking about that last gen looking game on this topic.

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I guess you missed the inclusion of a female Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer (just to name a couple) to please these "SJWs".
Not that there is anything wrong with that. You just seem to be trying too hard to trash Tlou for the most ridiculous reason in every article without hiding your bias.

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Nice! I've been looking for the YouTube link. Thnx dude.

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A good game is subjective. I consider Infamous Second Son a really good game (I'm sure a lot of others also do) and that was released before Bloodborne.

Waiting a year or two for a good game at the start of a gen is better than waiting for a whole console gen.

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You make it sound like there are no new games other than zombie games on the market. God of War was just released and Detroit Become Human is releasing in a week.
There are a ton of people that still enjoy zombie games. If you're personally tired of them, don't buy them.

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And the only trolls you'll see in GT articles are the delusion ones that make up their own facts so they could sleep at night.
Nothing else they could do to belittle the GT series other than spread nonsense.

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It's the actor, Sam Witwer.

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Shows how much of a gamer you are. Name one game that did not get scored 7.5 or lower by obvious troll reviewers. I'll wait...

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Bad analogy, a Ferrari is out of the question for most people because of its price.
If someone has enough to spend 500 on an Xbox One X, it's not difficult to see the value in saving and paying a LITTLE extra for a PC. You'll get the same and more games running at a better performance.

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Why are you not "acupide" playing Sea of Thieves then? I'm sure you have a ton of replay value there. Oh...

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What's "hysyerical" is that you think this review is a real opinion of the game. If you read it, you would have seen the ridiculous "complaints" he had. His agenda is clear and this should not be taken seriously if you enjoy playing games. If you're into social justice politics and all, maybe you can relate to this review.
Ignore the score for a second and read the content of the review and you'll see the problem everyone has with it.

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Having every game available on every platform with no kind of exclusivity is also the best for most gamers but, it's not a smart business move.
Same thing with cross platform games, what incentive does Sony have to allow crossplay with Xbox players? Considering they have the largest install base, and the possibility of losing sales since people don't have to buy a PS4 to play with their friends.

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Sounds like you are describing so many other games, GTA and State of Emergency just to name a couple. What makes this single mission in CoD different, or do you believe all violent games alike should be banned?

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Where did I say Gran Turismo did not have as much content as some would want?
Sea of Thieves has so little content that it's not even considered a game and also been out for a while now with no information or news on any upcoming content updates.
And yes, I have played it. I'm sure everyone with a PC or Xbox that was interested and wanted to see what the hype was about tried it out for free. Wasted my free Game Pass trial and my time on it.

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Gran Turismo has content, just not as much as previous titles. That does not mean it has barely any content. Besides, they updated the game for free not long after release.
I'm guessing you haven't played it, right?

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