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So many people failing to see that he means you can play the PS4'a remote play via an Xbox one with his last map.

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Its crap like this that has me worried for The Division.

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I'm sorry but I play breaking point and Its no where near as active as you make it seem. Dont get me wrong its better in almost every way which is a shame but I think your over selling its popularity here. The true test for me I think, will be when Arma 3: Epoch comes properly.

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I think people are looking at the number of cores here and assuming that the CPU isn't as good which just isn't the case. It is almost proven that most games run better on an Intel chip.

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Looks good, but reminds me of infestation and that game burned alot of people. The awkward animations and walking movements even look similar. Back then I was willing to give it a chance straight away, but I think I'll hold off to full release on this one.

Even with the crap progress of the Standalone, I'd still say DayZ looks better.

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11th November 2014....

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Arma 3 is done, like finished, released, out of testing.

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Good, now do it with FIFA

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Dont know why you have disagrees, it is how it has happened before. Especially with the Dlc deal they had last gen.

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The story sounds horrible? How is that possible when there is so little to go on?

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Ok, fair enough. Reason I asked is it focuses heavily on the privatization of armies and it works quite well as the base for a story, so you never know.

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Looks stupid? I have to ask, do you like Metal Gear Solid?

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@Angels, perhaps because this is on PC, where the Planetside engine is already up an running.

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I know its not frostbite, but Red Orchestra 2 delivers a rather good WW2 shooter experience on PC. No perks or stuff like that.

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Its because there was an article from earlier today (was approved then failed) that had taken a screenshot of an error on the SEN store stating it only supported up to 720p, thus leading to this rumor.

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Yeah, seems odd especially since the devs themselves have said that it will run at 1080p/30fps. Not that you can take a dev on their word alone these days though.

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I agree, The new version is 1080p and the crappy youtube video wouldn't do it justice in normal circumstances but the fact it only goes to 720p is absurd in a comparison.

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No, you don't because you haven't played both. This looks great but lets no get ahead of ourselves here.

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Downloading the sample version, looks so good.

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Screenshot of the dev tweeting further down in the comments shows it isn't fake.

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