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First time in years I've not watched this live... I sped through most of it on fast forward. 2022... nothing of note from Xbox, we are coming up to two years of the current gen console in November, all we have had in the terms of decent exclusives is Forza Horizon 5, a new Halo mired with microtransactions, shady XP in PVP and missing Coop play, and Psychonauts 2. We have lost Starfield and STALKER 2 (understandably) to 2023. No news on Fable, Avowed, Perfect Dark, which were touted two y...

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Totally underwhelming and disappointing... surely a new AAA Tomb Raider game is in development, otherwise what a way to not celebrate 25 years of a great and memorable IP.

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That 24 month guarantee is pretty worthless... just go and check the hundreds of customer complaints online where they have squirmed out of honouring that guarantee.

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What a ridiculous and poorly thought out review... can't wait to read his review of the PS5... anticipating it's going to state that it's better than sliced bread. Both consoles are out pretty much at the same time, both don't exactly set the world alight with their initial game releases... it will be next year when all the next gen games finally arrive and both Microsoft and Sony will have big hitters. I hope this reviewer pays the following in mind when he reviews the PS5. I...

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Game are simply the worst games outlet in the UK, mugging customers off with overpriced games, trying to justify a higher price because of an 'exclusive' deal for a free crap weapons pack or skins. Their game prices are on average 10 to 15% higher than other retailers, their loyalty card is practically worthless unless you pay a premium. Now adding a £10 delivery charge on the sly.... that's why I will never shop there and ordered my series X from Smyths Toys. Check out Smyth...

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Playground being a UK company, will keep the 'Britishness' and quirky humour the original games were famed for,plus the Good/Evil play style, the plethora of character actions too. The move to open world will open up a whole plethora of new content and quests, feel that they need to introduce jumping and climbing to allow for more free exploration. A lot of lessons can be learned from The Witcher Wild Hunt and Breath of the Wild.

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Bethesda have tried to slip a Stealth monetization under the radar. The removal of the old Daily/Weekly Atoms challenges that could earn you quite a few Atoms to spend in the Atom Shop, has been replaced by a 70% drop in the haul you could possibly earn thru the new Legendary Run season... the blatant shortfall to achieve rank 100 means that players will have to pay about $1.50 for Atoms to move up ONE tile to get that 100. Really shabby and dishonest practice by Bethesda... blatantly want pl...

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Looks very Zelda like... but with more meat on the bone. Looking good.

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They definitely need to sort out their outdated NAT type Internet connection... woeful compared to PlayStation.

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The paddle bat and string ball from Fallout should be considered too.

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Where's Assassin's Creed Valhalla??

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Vikings... the new zombies of video games.

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Nowhere near achieved true photo realistic graphics, also perfect sync of facial expressions to speech and body movement physics.

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Pointless article requiring you to click 15 pages of advertising, to see an article that should have been written on a single page.. and utterly pointless if you're not even going to bother to show in game screenshots depicting said 'amazing' storms.

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Most definitely.. a big fat yes.

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And that's why Bethesda are mugging people off for $120 extra a year to have a private server and store unlimited.

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Pretentious magazine reviewers, who's reviews are totally out of sync with the real world. Some of the games they give high scores to are beyond belief.

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What a poor article, depends if you are into Gears of War as a game type, plus if players are worried about the cost, just wait till December when it will no doubt be on offer. People tend to buy when they are prepared to.

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Not for a long time I hope, gunplay was good, but the driving element was poorly executed.. a whole lot of world with not a lot to do. Shame.

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Looks like being a pretty underwhelming conference for Bethesda. Doom Eternal, which we already know about from last years E3, will take centre stage. Other than that, expect more Elder Scrolls Online content, statement on future of Fallout 76. There will be no announcement about Fallout 5.. after the poor reception towards 76, Bethesda will not want to compound the hate it garnered from 76.. the next Elder Scrolls will release before Fallout 5,and that itself is years away, the same with Sta...

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