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xboxhub... its ok people move along nothing to see here

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might have to check them again. i just went though list of up coming games. not already released. my bad on that 1 or 2 games still take them off list and shows lack of 3rd party. not saying none will come to thw switch as they possibly might but you would have thought spyro would have been a day 1 release
can always send you my friend code to prove if you really want. really doesnt bother me

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oh we're sorry @michelle but if you want to play that game all these games say hi,
The Banner Saga Trilogy
madden 19
we happy few (no longer 3rd party after this game)
shenmue 1n2
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr
f1 2018
Strange Brigade
Yakuza Kiwami 2
pes 2019
Genesis Alpha One
Immortal Unchained
shadow of the tomb raider
nhl 1...

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that's what i was trying to shed some light on in original post.
its not about sony being more expensive compared to xbox as converting it comes to the normal usd price when you convert the prices of sonys. the main question is why is xbox selling them cheaper mu guess would be a sale is going on thats not stated or simply a mix up with converting currency or could be the simple fact under cutting ps to try get an install base..
will find out eventually

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your brain is obviously not picking up what i was talking about.
its not about defending a company that is or isn't anti consumer its pointing out the prices are on some what par with the USD when converted. why xbox is cheaper who knows why, but if its $60usd a game in the USA and they sell them for $44usd which is what the xbox version is selling for its losing money in a buisness point of view compared to all the other regions. its simple maths maybe try it one day and maybe ...

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at neo...
what razzer said thought it was simple to figure out why i was converting to usd

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its only $10usd more than buying it in the USA when converted, how is that robbery? why ms is cheaper could be a number or reasons also, trying to make the console more appealing by cutting cost on the games ect who knows.
if it was converted to $150usd instead of only $70 when in the us its $60 for a game then yeh id be pissed to. but once again like i said before these guys havent done the footwork just found something twittered sony then made an article with no hard evidence on w...

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its not even that much different when converted for the ps4. you will prob find xbox is either doing a sale thing thats not stated or they put the wrong price, or sony simply put the wrong price.
xbox came to $44usd for the base game where as the price is $70usd only $10 more then buying it in U.S. which could be shipping and ta on top perhaps.
i feel these noobs that posted this didnt do the leg work and just decided to just message sony instead of the thing called research...

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apple sells more its just a money talks type of thing for that.

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MS makes games?

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falafel? 😂

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yeh f*ck off to that. this better not be a trend. expecially fallout 4s over priced pos season pass

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same wasnt that much of a special game but way better then far cry primal before it

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but apprently coz the X is a "Beast" and apprently will play better coz it may be a bigger picture (resolution not actually playing the game) xbox automatically wins as sales dont matter now remember, you silly sausage.

also im one that knows cod will sell but i want it to truly flop coz i was one to play campaign first then play zombies or even competitive.

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not saying you are lying coz i think i did read that also,could have been for something else
but please post a link so it backs up what you saying
nvm found it for you

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It was also reported the game sold also sold 54,306 digital units in Japan in its first four days.

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but i also hear that you can select fixed camera.
it was something from e3 talking to the devs think on the sony stuff.
unless its an unlock feature after completing the game which is also encouraged if they do that

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was it covered in gold to be able to trade this game in and afford an xbox off the money you got from the trade in? 😂

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