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They also said it was one of the key platforms, so they're going to support it, basically. The wording in this article and the title of this post is misleading.

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WTF are talking about? that doesn't even make sense in relation to what I said.

I said the devs are not trying to steal GOW3 attention(because they can't) I said the devs think/hope the PS3 fanboys won't write off Dante's Inferno, so they are showing love to the PS3. They have to show love to the PS3 fanbase so they can earn some of that investment, because GOW3 is right around the corner and PS3 fanboys are generally snobbish about games/multiplatform.

The game and...

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I wouldn't say draw attention away but I will say win kudos from the PS3 fanbase, so the game can fairly earn respect or not. This way they don't waste too much money on their PS3 investment.

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No issues here either. PS3 fanboys running around disagreeing. There is nothing in your comment to disagree with.

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Nah, it's just superior because it's superior lol.

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"Stop playing the victim. plz."


This room will be filed with PS3 fanboys anyways but nice try THE MAX SPEED 21.

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Funny you should say that, but there ARE some striking similarities! Antan, TheBand1t, Pirate Tom, not to mention you rabid accounts like Saaking, morganfell, Canadianguy420 etc.

This is how you keep all you accounts maxed out in bubbles when all you do is attack other members and troll articles when you do post. You probably make up a large part of the 10 to 9 bubble members.

What are the odds of 9-10 bubble members always talking this BS about why dis and being obsess...

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Reread my comment. I didn't ask you for some fanboy spazzz, I don't care where you've been. I said you guys are coming in here trolling circle jerking eachother over the PS3 when this is a 360 article. People will go to multi platform and PS3 articles if we wan't to know about it.

" All I see is a 1 or 2 360 fans and a sh*tload of PS3 fanboys in here trolling trying to comfort themselves.

The reality still remains no one came in here to hear about PS3 so coming ...

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All I see is a 1 or 2 360 fans and a sh*tload of PS3 fanboys in here trolling trying to comfort themselves.

"The reality still remains" no one came in here to hear about PS3 so coming in here in desperate mode because PS3 is in last place and this makes you feel good about your console is not good for gaming.

Panic button? lol

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That is what she is saying hence why she said it is stupid to comapare Oct data with November and December sales. Looks like the PS3 fans was trying to predict what is and isn't possible by comparing a slight shopping month(OCT) with a the official shopping month(NOV/Black Friday).

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Lets wait until the games come out to see witch versions are superior. Claims about PS3 versions of games being superior have been made again and again, only for the truth to come out saying otherwise, when the comparison sites match them up. Same goes for the PC version, because not all PC versions are superior to the console versions.(Also, all versions are being made at the same time so the differences won't be as vast)

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Best looking console on the market.

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I disagree with most if not all of your claims, except sales & following/fanbase.

ME2's dynamic interactive story pretty much single handedly wins this battle for ME2, never mind the real time gameplay, unbelievable ingame graphics, cross over stats from ME1, character customization.

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Ugly butt shape but love the two tone concept.

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Because FF13 is multi platform in the console market? I can see the comparison and flame articles and comments comparing them in any other circumstance.

You say no one has played them. Who hasn't played drama filled turn-based JRPGs? All the previews suggest that ME2 is a much improved ME1, so this is how people form their opinions.

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360 is selling well, declining? lol PS3 is selling better at the moment that does not = decline.

Lets wait for the numbers before we take these articles serious.

Will/did PS3 outsell the 360 and the Wii this weekend because of the lack of fanboy media and gamers writing and posting cherry picked articles?

Oh nozzz, there are no reports of the Wii or the 360 selling well, this means PS3 has outsold the Wii and the 360 lol

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RPG is role playing, usually some story based adventure takes place and there is usually character growth both Physically and spiritually or as a person.

ME2 is more of an adult game to me and much more appealing to me, I can play both one one console or two.

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I'm sure PS3 sold very well but writing this ridiculous pro Sony and anti MSFT rubbish because a few fanboys cherry picked some reports of black friday sales is stretching it. PS3 is selling well because it has a HD DVD player(BDD) in it.

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