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Nice N4G. Thanks for giving back to the community.

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It says: "Best Deals This Week at GameStop"

Don't see anything about preordering Gears of War 3, except for the Preorder Bonus part:

"It’s tough to find a popular game coming out that GameStop isn’t offering a pre-order bonus for. However, if you pre-order Ace Combat: Assault Horizon this week, you’ll be getting GameStop’s exclusive aircraft and double PowerUp Rewards points for PowerUp members."

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I always go commando on the 20th of each month anyway.

I humbly pledge to go commando on September 20th!

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Love how this is about Gears of War 3, yet the article link doesn't mention it once.

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The disc is needed in the 360 due to piracy. Whats to stop you from renting a game, installing it, and then taking it back, getting a free game in the process?

Believe me, you do NOT want console games to have one time use codes like PC games.

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The only lack of logic I see is with your comment, kikizoo.

While trying to attack 360 gamers, you also brought PC gamers into the argument and dissed PC gaming.

I can't believe some people are so obsessed with a console that they resort to downgrading the competition in order to make their purchase feel justified.

Both consoles, as well as the PC, all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can claim that the PS3 has the best graphi...

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But then wouldn't that upset the balance of the force?

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At the end of the III, the memories of the droids are wiped. Well, at least C-3PO's memory was erased. Not sure about R2.

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Well, it's no different than buying at a car lot. There are the used cars and the new cars. You can choose new or you could choose to save money on a model that's already been used. You can also offer trade-ins for credit, just like GameStop.

How would you feel if you bought a car used, and had to spend extra money afterwards to the company who made the car so that it would start?

Cars are more expensive, yes, but why should games be any different? Yo...

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Everyone who watches Jersey Shore should look at how low their standards are.

They're just going to make more crap like it if you keep watching. -_-;

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There is awarded and then there is pending. You have to have over 100 pending.

I probably would have got some free points today but I was 10 away:

Rewards Points Pending
Total Points Currently Pending: 90

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I'm not saying our consoles don't need new successors with updated tech, but claiming PC gaming is a generation ahead is just a foolish thing to say.

I've played The Witcher 2 on Ultra and I do admit it is beautiful on the right PC, but a generation ahead? Nah, not yet. We need to see some PC exclusives that push our hardware more than what we are seeing.

Anti aliasing alone is not enough to merit a "generation" difference. The day we ha...

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I game on the PC as well (if that's what you're referring to as "current gen"), and I can tell you straight up, there is no generation between PC gaming and console gaming. Stop making mountains out of molehills.

Having slightly better ports (if you have the hardware) and the occasional WOW exclusive does not make it a generation ahead.

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Windows 8 and PS Vita(or Sony tablets) would make more sense.

Apple is like a disease that doesn't go away. We don't need to spread it around on our future consoles.

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It wasn't the fact that you "didn't like" it, you said it's a terrible o/s.

If you had actually used one, a comment like that would never exist unless you have a strong hate for Microsoft or love for one of the other operating systems.

I'm still going to go out on a limb and think you haven't used one. It's too good to be called terrible. I wouldn't call it great until Mango releases, but it's in absolutely no way ter...

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I wish they'd fix their games first. Ever run behind something and die just to watch the kill cam show you out in the open like an idiot? Yeah..

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I don't think it will fail, but Nintendo has a long road ahead of them in terms of satisfying the hardcore. They have the right franchises, they just need to implement them in the right ways.

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Angry Birds is okay, but it's not what Rovio makes it out to be. I haven't tried Angry Birds prior to it coming to Windows Phone, and now that I have played it I can safely say it's not that big of a deal.

My first reaction was: "THIS is what people go crazy for?"

To be honest, it feels more like a well done flash game than anything else.

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That's not even a real link?

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Fortunately, Halo 2 still has some life on PC.

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