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@ Grimm

i'm an average joe, and i bought the 3g/wifi model for $300. i just saved my money and got it when it released.

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really boycotting a console because one game might not be on it? last i saw i didn't buy my PS1, 2, or 3 just for wipeout lol. yea I'll be purchasing the the next for the variety they give me.

this was a tough business decision for them and i feel bad for the studios that got closed this gen, but business is business and i hope the people find work soon.

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comparisons meh i beat it yesterday on the PS3, and not only did the game look great on my 46" plasma with the best settings it was fun as hell. more fun than when i played GTA4.

these comparisons are worthless and are just for those people who like arguing back and forth like little children.

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console subs are not for me, i'll pay the upfront cost for my machines.

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this review fails hard, SD is more fun than GTA4, and the combat is awesome. plus the city is alive, and not some life sucking soulless place.

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yes but how many people in the US have fiber optics? i have it with fios, but there are plenty of places in this country that still don't have optimal internet services.

the government has the get this countries infrastructure up to snuff much quicker than they are doing right now.

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money activision does nothing for free :-(

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nah im american and agree with you 150% i've always said DD isnt going to take off here completely because

1 the infrastructure sucks
2 data caps
3 pricing, the minute the infrastructure is like EU/Asia and the data cap is raised you can bet these providers are going to shoot the price through the roof.

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i only knew 4-6 characters in ssbm the rest my friend had to give me the rundown on them lol.

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grown a$$ adult here who has both, and only games on my vita, my phone is just for texting, calling, and browsing web while at work lol.

for me sony didnt have to redeem themselves since they always have games for me to play.

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the day i use my stupid phone or tablet to do gaming on the go is the day i quit gaming on the go.

my phone is a phone period.

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i have one because my phone is just that a phone. the vita takes care of my gaming needs on the go.

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i have ps3 version and its playing just fine. can't believe people still care about comparisons. i just keep it for the console i felt most comfortable with.

just like i bought darksiders 2 for 360.

i could have easily bought both for the opposite, or both for the same consoles. pointless comparisons lead to stupid fights.

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i find it funny how all these articles make it seems like every vita owners doesnt have any games to play.

for me my vita is played 5 days a week every week. i give it a little rest on the weekends lol.

i have plenty of games to play, and i'm looking forward to the cool games that are coming.

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crazy, crazy stuff here one after another. i think there's about 6 on the first page alone lol.

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wow another one of these types of articles i think my head is going to explode from the nonsense this idiots write lol.

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OMG this is insane lol. we can't go one minute without the doom articles. where's the actual gaming news on this worthless site?

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winner, love the sly series. this looks so beautiful :)

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this right here along with UGA, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, and a host of other games shows i spent my $300 wisely.

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about how many saved articles did we get once the presser finished? this is becoming boring, and extremely repetitive.

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