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Damn rainslacker, chill out! Let me give Xstation an ice pack.

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Period much?

No offense haha.

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Lol at the zoom ins.

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Technically, it isn't a flash sale. It's a PAX sale. Don't get me wrong, this sale is "a lot" better than last weeks supposedly flash sale by miles. Parasite Eves here I come.

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If that is your only Persona game than you are missing playing the other greatest Persona game, Persona 4.

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Lol, when you guys see each other for the first time, it will turn out to be a guy. RIP false love.

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Lol. I got one of these twice. Troublesome bots so I just block them.

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It isn't that long ahead, 61 more years to go.🤔

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This game seems like it is playable on my PSP. Not saying it is bad but it is bad, thought you could destroy complete buildings...

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Persona 5 is coming!

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I don't have a switch and I don't hate it, so it is welcome to succeed but I do own two vitas.
Now getting to your point... So people didn't want to play AAA games, like uncharted, on the bus because it wasn't a great fit and because of that "Sony realised it error, but alas it realised too late." It realized what to late? Give me some freaking examples. Then you mention the "Vita last couple of years" , when in fact It continues on.

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"and even greater sales this Friday"
So you can see the future?

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Even for games "exclusives" there is no need to have an Xbox, I don't have one, and I can play their games on pc..

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Yeah slow clap cause that is the way you are. Obviously badz149 joked around if SEPTEMBER got if for free, thus being sarcastic on his own comment when he said "forgive the sarcasm"... understanding is hard eh slowpoke.

IDIOT You didn't have the last two sentences until you edited. Now you understand haha.

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Understanding is hard eh....

That is why he said "forgive the sarcasm"....

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You are 20 hours in... why you teasing us.

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I am totally with you. I dont know why that happened but it doesn't matter now since it is all good.

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I did. Didn't change anything and afterwards I got a message saying I had to wait another 6 months... Its been two months now but SONY has saved me four. Very appreciative.

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I let my cousin use my account on his ps4 and it was a huge mistake. My Ps4 account couldn't get activated as Primary... but with this UPDATE, WAAHOOOO! Got it back. Thanks Sony.
I ain't letting anyone use my account again, lesson learned.

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Would be nice if they included the screen protector but basically, it forces the consumer to buy more accessories to it. More money to waste....

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