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I just installed HZD:FW and it's nowhere near that big...unless you've somehow installed both the PS4 AND PS5 versions...

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I'm hoping that Moss has an upgrade path, I never had the time to get into it when I bought it and I don't know if I want to buy it again or go back to 'worse' VR to play it :/

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Can't tell if you're serious...Even the quest 2 is $400 for a lower resolution screen, fewer featured controllers like finger tracking and haptics, no eye tracking, no foveated rendering, no headset haptics...Sure the Q2 is wireless (which I love about it and is my one pet peeve for the PSVR2) but along with that comes a shorter battery life and much lower power.

The original PSVR launched for $399 in 2016 and adjusted for inflation that would be $470 in todays mo...

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Eh, I would say it's not worth it, and I say that as a day one buyer of the PSVR. The big things that killed it for me (and it wasn't the image quality as that was acceptable) was the constant need to recalibrate the outside lights using the camera (having to hold it and tilt it so the lights line up with the onscreen image, a pain in the butt if you didn't actually use it with a tv), having to recenter the screen way more than I wanted to, the times the camera lost the wands, th...

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Yeah, I've not bought a new game...for about a year now. Honestly I've felt no need, there are hundreds in the catalogue and eventually they'll be cheap/on the catalogue as well. By going up to $70 they've basically lost hundreds in sales. The extra $50 between them doesn't seem like a lot but psychologically it is.

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When you get made to wait until the main story can continue, if the only way you can get me to engage with side stories and missions is by forcibly pausing the main story then I count that as a mark against.

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I definitely enjoyed P5:Rs combat and thought it fit very well but on the other hand I thought Persona 5: Strikers combat was awesome, very different from P5 but still true to the series.

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For people asking 'why did they bother putting this in', 'it's pandering', 'is her gender identify a game changer' etc. I'm not sure why you care since gender apparently isn't a big deal for you? Reading the article it seems that they decided to make the character trans as an example of how their past history had them dealing with tough or adverse conditions.

“You’re much stronger than you realise,” Margot says to Catalyst. “You’ve alre...

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Even with that one cable (ugh) the fact that I can pick it up and just use it in my living room without faffing around with cameras and holding the stupid headset lights in the image to calibrate it each time since I had to take the camera down (and also having to attach the camera to something each time since my tv wasn't conducive to it) puts it light years ahead, gonna try and jump right in. Maybe a mid gen refresh will take it wireless, who knows.

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*Looks at my grocery bill, electricity bill, propane bill* Well, that's bold of them.

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It just feels like they're looking for free money, is there anything in it mechanically that couldn't have been done on the previous console? As good as dualsense is (and I do love it) I don't really see it as being the driver of a remake if that's all it is. It was a pretty game to begin with so I don't know if just making it prettier is going to cut it. I think that's why it feels cash grabby, just to look a bit better and be a bit smoother :/ Seems like years tha...

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Yeah, the number of times I've sat down to a game that I enjoy and want to finish but it's been such a day that I just can't bring myself to play it because it takes too much mental engagement. Instead it's easy to throw on a show, flip through some news etc.

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Yeah, at the time I was moving away from OLEDs as I've had bad experiences in the past and that was the best size to quality to price option I could find then. I just think it's embarrassing as a company to sell a TV specifically mentioned as being for your product, and then fuck up supporting it for your product.

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Here's a list of pretty much all TVs and Monitors and which ones have to compromise etc.


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Shame they fucked us on some of their TV implementations. I bought an X900h for the assurance that 2.1 and VRR etc. were coming. Well, here came 2.1, but to use VRR you have to turn off local dimming and HDR and it now doesn't work in 4k120 so...either smooth out the frames and get shittier colors and contrast or leave them as they are to get the advertised features. All because they used a shit chip implementation in the TV. Thanks Sony. Oh and the X900H was one of their recommended...

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Is that not because you're online? Does it still do it if you start the game in offline mode?

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Minor spoilers but not really.

Yeah, I don't care about hitting every single quest, I don't need things to light up like christmas trees etc. I just want an automatic journal that says things like "Today I met a blind girl on the side of the road, she gave me a letter to deliver to her father and said that I could most likely find him in castle Morne" etc.

Nothing there is anything that wasn't given to you in the dialogue but I would...

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Yep I'm right there with you, thought I'd jump back in as it was on sale, bought D2 and forsaken, heard they were going to soon vault forsaken, didn't know wtf was going on, where to go, what was next, got bored, uninstalled all in about 2 hours.

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Hah, I bought D2 along with the forsaken expansion, jumped in and got through a confusing as shit tutorial where some random person ended up in a crystal, got punted to the overworld and told "have at it, here are a bunch of currencies, your old D1 character but random items are gone and others are in your mail, here are a bunch of NPC's...who are they? What does everyone do? Where is the next logical progression since you haven't followed obsessively since we launched? Eeeeeh...

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Yeah, I think I'm at about 40 hours in now and I have the Arasoka main mission to do but I have so many side missions/gigs etc. that I've been doing. Yesterday I was driving to another mission and slid around the corner and noticed that a large number of gang members had cordoned off a street with vehicles, another set of gang members had done the same across the other side and were starting to aim weapons at each other, as I slowed down to check it out they decided...

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