I am a BF3 Premium Player and proud


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The ability to riot?

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I was downloading it, until my PS3 got the YLOD...
So I think I just fixed it today and hopefully it works

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Wow, looks like the tables are turned.
Did you know that the PSP and the PS3 have this wonderful feature called remote play?


Looks like Nintendo copied that to me

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@ Sarcasm

The Xbox 360 has 512 shared memory.

The Wii U has 1 GB of memory for the OS
and it has 1 GB SHARED memory for gaming
which means for both normal RAM and Video RAM

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Well they get stuck with the Free to play model. But its really pay to win model. They gonna rape their small made in China wallets

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People like you always say that? Because of PC gaming hardware and improve and graphics can improve. You like games like Gears of War, Batman, Bioshock etc? Well they run on Unreal Engine 3 that is meant for new hardware (at the time). So that means without PC hardware manufactures like Intel, AMD, Nvidia not pushing for new technologies, then you can kiss your console and next gen console goodbye because there won't be any.

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And thats why its called a video game

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No matter how hardcore they try to make Raiden, I can't get around that fact of him running around naked in Arsenal Gear and the fact he was a fruitcake then.

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I don't know what you are talking about. They have a great lineup for this year and next year.

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Why not? Well since computer hardware manufacturers continue to push graphical technology envelope, why should game companies use outdated tech to showcase new games?

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Like the newest "Metal Gear" game :-(

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I really hate to say this as a PC gamer but I see no problems. If companies make the next gen consoles, don't do it on mid range tech that is out now and a few years later call it next gen. Then there would be no problems

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How magic is Magic?

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At least they make fun entertaining games and not completely selling themselves out to make it more mainstream

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I don't see why everybody here is whining about this. Everybody that I have played so far have premium granted I play on the PC. I bought the limited edition and gladly spent some more just to get premium. Saves me some money in the long run.

Some basic math:
$15 per DLC x 5 DLC total = $75 for all DLC
Subtract that for those who got the limited edition:
You still save money.

Also its funny to see how many people co...

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I still have my Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, N64, PSP, PS2 (original and slim), and PS3. I will prolly never sell them. At least my brother still plays the N64, classics are classics.

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I hope Sony still ends up making SOCOM games

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A fool and his money are soon parted

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More like a good bit better

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