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Cant wait, lol. Jowood is notorious for terribly buggy games and terrible after release support.

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I think its cool. While I'd much rather have a tv commercial with a plastic baby crying over master chief, at least with this you get some refreshing mountain dew.

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By ideal he means that no one owns it outside of japan so they wont have to go thru the trouble and cost of localizing it into english.

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Amazing, 5800 people signed an online petition. I think you need a few more than that to matter. Being an online petition, you need multiple millions of signatures to be taken seriously. I think capcom fans should be happy that they're not forced to play it on the ps3, they have a better option now on the 360 or with the 360 controller on the PC.

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Lets all listen to the guy that made Uno. I have uno on my Ti-85 graphing calculator. While card games can easily fit under the 50mb limit, we want real games!

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A Sony fanboy brought up HD-DVD vs Bluray? HD dvd is out selling bluray 8 to 1. What kind of defense of the ps3 is that?

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And then? I have something better, it needs to be rebooted from time to time, but its worth the price to have games and programs work and being able to find drivers. It doesnt have the geek mystique of linux, but I'll stick with windows.

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Finally a game based on actual historic battles.

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There were reports back when the N64 was near the end of its life that no game on the system used more then 30% of the power of the console. The main reason being the ram restrictions which they tried to fix with the expansion slot. Ps3 has the same problem with ram restrictions. When will sony stop lieing to consumers and start playing it straight?

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The game wont have 50gb of gameplay. If you think the game wouldnt fit on a dvd9 you're an idiot.

Having a console that doesnt have a hardware resolution scaler means, they will need alot more space to have the video's at different resolutions.

What everyone should be asking. If the graphics are so great, why dont they just render the cutscenes?

Compression? With the limited RAM of the ps3 it will be alot harder to decompress on the fly. I just hope the...

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What idiot approved a forum post as news about a rumor? It would be cool for xbox owners, but hardly anything to get excited about at this point.

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2 reasons that VHS beat out betamax.

1. Early on VHS could fit 2 hours of video. Betamax 1 hour. Making it inconvenient for movies.

2. The adult industry adopted VHS exclusively. Ask anyone that owned a video store in the 80's, the section in the back commanded what happened in the front.

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The wheel is great. I'd say the best ever made, I have to momo wheel for pc, which is really nice too.

I cant wait for forza 2. I used to be a huge GT fan, till I played forza and was blown away.

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I have a DS. Its cheap and high quality. The games are a bit lacking, doesnt fill the void of a console. But its a great mobile gaming device.

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The ps3 has the ps2 chipset, its not a true emulator.

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Not so sure $600 for a console with comparable graphics to the 360 with less features would be considered a great console. Right now its a rip off. Wait a year or 2 for a price drop and (if they dont keep losing them) compelling exclusive games.

If you're in the market for a console right now, a ps3 is a dumb purchase.

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Finally a disk player that supports people that choose to waste their money on bluray movies.

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Another ill-informed consumer buying into the bluray hype.

The cost to develop content to fill a disk larger than a dvd9 is higher than the $60 price point of games. It wont happen. There are rare games that have alot of video, but those types of games we're used to having multiple disks for.

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Lucky for Microsoft and 360 owners Japan's impact on gaming has been passed by Europe. And with countries like India and Brazil's economies allowing for more and more people that can afford video games and the increasing popularity of consoles in Australia. I dont see Japan making or breaking a console ever again.

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They should have named it Emotion engine or Cell processor, something that gives the illusion of being better than it is to sell consoles to ignorant consumers.

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