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So if the WiiU flops should we all start getting worried about next gen?

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No, "we" dont do anything. Everyone decides on their own...

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If you lost your job dont buy any games... jesus people use your head

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People need to grow up, like it or not he is one of the mist recognized people trying promote our passion. He has done more good than 1/2 of the industry. Im going to get bubbled down for this but seriously people need to give him a break and objectively look at what hes actually done for the industry instead of just attacking him. We all have made bad decisions, his are just visible.

He is still the #1 asset we have as gamers in legitimizing and bringing our hobby into th...

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How the hell is this the PS3s fault at all? He changed the drive once before it mentions and...

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Who cares what they "need" to earn. Thats none of your business. The system is not broken, only you are broke.

I suspect you wouldnt do the same either...

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Why would they do that? In what world does that mak any sense at all? They are here to make money, and to make as much as possible. You dont live your life that way so dont expect them to do it.

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Hes obviously lying. He has no GF and likley never has or will.

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You paid more attention to your games than your girlfriends? You need to get your priorities straightened out...

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Isnt the punishment supposed to be commensurate to the crime?

This seems out of step...

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They will of me1

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Im a bit confused as to why the ps3 version wouldnt include the dlc at least for me2 as the ps3 version of it shipped with it except for the last one.

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He is a living legend... can we just say retires instead?

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But those people dont count here remember?

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I dont know much about networking but does servers have to do with netcode? Seriously, can someone explain that?

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pretty sure cod4 came out this gen...

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Jump right in and help him then.

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I doubt that will ever happen, why would they have any interest in doing that except on their phone thats of the largest size? Makes no sense for them to do that unless they started to only make 1 size of phone.

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Easily hey? PS2 emulation is actually very difficult unless you have lots of horse power like in a modern PC.

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For a fighting game? Is this for real?

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