Yes, I'm a futurama fan.


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Where's Clubarella?

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It's xbox fanboys bro. They don't want the Bungie logo appearing on the trey.

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PC Gaming... where you buy a $600 GPU to play console ports. lol

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With a superior GPU and RAM, Sony's first party studios will do things only Durango can dream of.

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save this for later

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Skyrim sells better because it's marketed towards the X360 crowd. Haven't you seen those timed exclusive DLC offers they do for the 360 and the how they only make their ads about buying it on 360? Fighters,Racing games, platformers sell better on PS3 but you don't hear me harping on about it.

Besides, Forza sells like sh!t. The only reason the other ones did so well because the were bundled in all sorts of offers and package deals. Face it, this game doesn't s...

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Nothing like a soft breeze down south, is what I always say.

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The game is incredible. Trust me.

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If we want better graphics, then the developers can just optimize their engine to suit the PS3/X360 better. The difference between us and you is that we don't pay out of our pockets to get better graphics, but you do.

And at the end of the day, you still get stuck with console ports, so who again is the smarter gamer?

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No, It seems that their doing it right. Skyrim will sell shit-tons more on consoles than it ever will on PC. Why bother catering to the loud minority?

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There's huge brand awareness for PlayStation products in developing countries, so I'd assume PS3 and PS2 leads in those countries too.

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Wow, last year they beat the X360 too by a few million. This year they're practically guaranteed to win this year again.

Good for Sony.

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Really? You guys use the Imperial system? I'd figured the Metric system took over the world by now, especially since it's so easy to use and easy to remember.

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I lol'd at this pic.

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That's a smart thing to do but personally I'm going to buy this first then wait for Skyrim GOTY edition. More cheaper that way.

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Holy sh!t, I just remembered that the Vita has an OLED screen. Combine that with porn and...oh my....

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I wonder how long it will be until this comes to consoles...

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Meh, why bother. does all this and a hell of alot more cheaper to boot.

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Some of the software patents I've seen are borderline insanity.

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