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TBH IDC who they pick, a JRPG rep does need to get in tho, RPG played a major role in Sonys success.

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If 100% complete Hell Yes! If it has DLC, online passes & Locked on Disc DLC than Hell No!

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This should of happened Day 1. but better Late than Never I guess LOL.

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Very Sad news for both parties, most Sony because it lost two producers working in thaqt project. it only makes sony out to be the Vilian from a Media standpoint.

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Very nice PS3 updates, but Vita getting new patch should of came earlier to help them in the game department for sales.

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No Metroid Prime Trilogy? but Epic Mickey hmmmm.

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I hope for Suikoden 6 and Castlevania news.

MGS already going be part of the news along with ZOE, so that won't shock me.

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Just make games and stop worrying about competition, and it will work itself out in the end.

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Very sad moment in gaming history, I hope Nintendo reborns a new Nintendo magazine. Physical copies of gaming items will always have a place for gamers.

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Sounds like good news for the Holidays. I can't wait

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but PS3 been delaying since jump off. we get demo/trailers of stuff we can't even play til 2-3 years down line still mad at Final Fantasy XIII drama..............., oh well just saying Sony really needs 2 get its stuff together as well as Square/Enix

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U have better chance winning the Loterry than waiting for this to hit USA Shelves.

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Let the Games Begin! I look Forwards to trying an creating levels! Let your Creativeness Begin. Wahoo!

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Congratulation XBOX360 Money can't buy U love it sure buys Exclusives.

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Guess us PS3 owners have nothing to look forwards to this Season.

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Well mostly due to Anime. which btw I plan on watching right now. School Rumble FTW well I gtg BTW Sorry to Anyone I offened in my previous messages 2-4 days ago that made me drop from 3 bubbles to a pathetic 1. I won't speak my mind so much, just kinda mad @ Square/Enix for messing with true fans hearts.

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I recall them playing this an showing Jin Literally Sweat. Now its a no go. oh well take what u can get right? 2 bubble gone for offending people all I can say is my bad & I'm sorry, Take Kare! I'll get 3 bubbles again well 1 day so I can be the 3 bubble genius! hehehe

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When it comes out i'll buy it until than im into eye of judgment cards. Anyways i'll be glad when I get my 3 bubbles back an Sorry to anyone I offended! It seems speaking yur mind a little offend anyone. So I'm sorry 4 thoes I offended. Peace Out!

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5230d ago

Very Sad.

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