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Not everything has to go PEW-PEW for you to like and appreciate Kosic ...

Farming games, simulations, visual novels & story-driven games still exist and for good reasons too, people just like to indulge in relaxing games from time to time.

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"those baboons comment here"
Very very truthful words right here ...
Console-only gamers are so out of touch with basic pc architecture it's just ... sad!

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Can you please share some of that "common sense" with some of the "uneducated" on this thread? ... please?

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apparently not, some people are just too dense like that...

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You are "technically" correct, that's why I bought my ps5 at least, Demon's souls is just calling me out ...

and I'm weak ...

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You can't play it unless you have an Xbox(console) or a PC, how is that not a true exclusive?

Most people don't want to indulge in PC gaming or building a gaming rig(or have the money for it), this is great news to us PC gamers, kudos to Microsoft for this great policy, more fanbase to a franchise = more sales and potentially new game in the series.

Not so much of a fan of Ninja Theory though ...

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Which again proves that you don't know what you're talking about...bluefox755 was right, you clearly lack common sense to understand that this game is like 20 years ago and today we have tools and simple engines available to the mass to produce a quality product with minimum knowledge in game developing, you need to be more informed.

Also ... stop being so entitled, thank you.

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If resident evil 7, a game that looks GORGEOUS on the PSVR(running on the PSPRO) can look amazing, play amazing without compromising graphics, then this 6-year old game shouldn't have these problems unless it's a freaking cash-grab(which it is!), if you want to attack Sony, then do so for allowing such a sh*tty port to be allowed on their system, maybe stop being a Microsoft fanboy for once and call things out as they are without trying to make it seem like the hardware can't take...

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I don't hate the Nintendo Switch(I own two of them..the limited edition too) but I'm not gonna praise it playing a game from last gen, on top of that...the vanilla build of the game was trash(graphics-wise) compared to what the modding community did with it.

You compared that to experiencing the whole game in VR, something that is thrilling and new to the table(feeling like you're inside the fantasy world of Skyrim), let's be real here, your comparison is a ...

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Personality of the character = Zero
Face of the character = Zero
Body of the character = bubbly but acceptable

All in all
4/10 ... for effort!
(and of course no hating on the cosplayer herself)

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Maybe with a 4-way SLI 1080ti, if that's possible(or would it be overkill?)...even then I think the CPU would be bottlenecked.

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I say forget Xbox and release the whole series in 2 or 3 packages for PC, the PC community will actually appreciate it much better IMO.

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All I can hear from this article :
"I'm a Nintendo fanboy and I'm extra salty about Monster hunter going to PS4/XBox One/PC and XX being JP only so I'm gonna make up SH*T about Monster hunter: World being tailored for Western audiences when it's obviously not and being made by the main MonHun team"

Get a grip, crybaby.

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This comment section should be only about praising such a great franchise coming to life with a sequel to a really enjoyable first game that has SOOO many things added and more to wish for, stop your childish fights and be happy about it, you little babies.

I am so damn happy to hear about this announcement, cannot wait till pre-orders are open for the western version.(or even Asia-version"English translated")

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I actually do and many other people want it as well, you don't need to be a prick about it or about him leaving, the man did his job and KZ:SF was a good game.

Show some respect!

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All the best of luck to him, I really enjoyed Killzone: SF.

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You are not mistaken, that's why I was truly happy that MS jumped ships and joined the PC family and with some wishful thinking I hope that they don't release a next gen console and just continue putting software on PC, Nintendo and Sony should follow,the PC market is growing so much even among Japan with so many Japanese devs releasing their games on PC.

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Stupid Nintendo stole nothing, they had the WORST E3 showing of all the conferences held, they showed nothing of interest, they showed a copy paste Kirby game like every Kirby game that came to Wii and Wii U, they showed a freaking Title screen for Metroid 4 and an "announcement" that they are making a Pokemon game for the Switch but they couldn't show anything of it or even have a project name for it LOL, let's not talk about that kiddy Yoshi game they showed as well, becau...

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