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are priceless....I beta'd the ps2 ffXI (got the hdd + game free). boughtt a copy of the pc version for my now "ex" girlfriend.

I then payed for 2 copies of ffXI for 1 yeah (ex stopped playing) and payed for mine for 5 years. do the math o how much SE made from me.

And now some of you have the nerve to call us crazy?...

Don't judge people because they are upset about something they love and wish to spend money on. if the cor...

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Overrun with Shooters, a breath of fresh air.

breathe deep suckas, when this games comes out I going to air you fools out hahahhah

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was funny..I hate the direction SE is taking, I will wait till 14 to go back to FF's, hopefully they wont ruin it like 13

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The day is fast coming that ps3 will overtake the 360. hope the servers can handle the strain.

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I'm still stuck on Wipeout...I need a few more golds on elite...but I'm almost out of hair (to pull out), and If i ever meet zico...I'm going to punch him in the face.

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I gotta stop playing

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He just squirted juice in another mans face, then danced the robot

ANd finaly he laid the pipe to some broad.

pew pew pew

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Uhm you guys are kiding right?

You really think this looks as good as KZ2.....can I please have some of what you are smoking?

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I think some poor sole above said its the consumers

yeah talk about integrity...most company's lower prices to be competitive, not MS. the raise the price because, well these stupid consumers don't know any better. who's laughing now?

It's still funny how its being done (the nickle and diming) on xbox360 but no one seems to mind. lolz

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Friends and family, we are gathered here to say goodbye to a loved one, shot down so early in it's life cycle.

He was a good console, he never hurt anyone (except horde and zombies, not to mention covenant and countless other enemies in numerous games)

hes in a better place now.

goodbye xbox360 # 4,000,000,34

you will be missed (and refurbished).

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It seems like I will be subjected to cursing/swearing and bad grammar in every podcast from now on huh? did these morons forget that kids play games as well?

I stopped listening 2 min into it....

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looks amazing, I told my bro (hardcore CoD fan) that this might trump CoD2....fingers crossed, cause i'm definitely looking forward to getting this.

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but its still more dependable than an xbox 360...bomberman, ninja spirit, lords of thunder anyone? yea i still play em woot!

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THIS MUST BE GAME OF THE YEAR....well I shouldn't worry..If its not GOTY, the panel of judges will mysteriously die.

you've been warned...hahhhahha

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shoddy craftsmanship, an urge to beat ps3 to market and a general lack or foresight past last gen, is causing 360's to RROD

people finally playing the first good game on the aforementioned monstrosity posing as a next gen why the incident is happening in such a close time-span...lmao

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The 360 is the bargain will sell to bargain consumers...

People who want a real christmas will opt for real gift and get a ps3.

the 360 is quickly becoming the secret santa at work gift, you could find it at Mcdonalds ect ect

I think it will be a ps3 christmas this year.

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Please shut down...your site is a mockery of its former glory.

Face book has been on the ps3 since its inception (web browser), only integration has been implemented.

Do us all a favor, Fire the whole staff...hire a bunch of monkeys...I'm sure It will pose a better experience that your half arsed attempts lately.

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4817d ago

I'm sure most of you only see boobs in videogames anyway.

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