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They're not zombies, they're freakers. Think of zombies, but they move a bit quicker. Think of the way zombies were way back in 2002 in 28 days later and that's the way zombies/freakers are i this game.

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Apparently he said it was shit. But he said, it's an exclusively shit game. There you go, sometimes a game is shit no matter which way it's presented to you. Thank you for your honesty.

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'The Order is a good game but suffered from exactly what my argument is all about. Social Media destroyed the game before it even came out. and most times gaming sites will follow the trend. '

The game was shit, and that's exactly why it got destroyed. Because it was a poor game.

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If it's the same exact amount of characters why would they need to say $3300? And more importantly, who cares?

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It is ironic. Let's criticise this developer of games that are far more ambitious than our own, and far away from our comfort zone. Where we have nothing to compare against. Let's criticise them.

Rockstar are far more forward thinking than ND. ND makes games in a bubble.

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Yeah, there was so much player freedom in TLOU. So many choices you could make in that narrow path you were led on.

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Great games is all any gamer needs, exclusive or not. If you get them cheap, all the better for it.

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Elda proves how long he/she has been alive. Not long.

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'the gameplay itself was mediocre at best, annoying at worst.'

God you talk so much shit. The gameplay in RDR2 has made me appreciate what Rockstar brought to the table. After RDR2 I appreciate the horse control far more when I play a game like Assassins Creed Odyssey, the way the horse controls in that game is awful compared to RDR2.

And I'd love it if someone can point me in the direction of another game that conveys being part of the classi...

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Woo, amazing.

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'I dont ever see in my lifetime, streaming being the only option. '

Really? In your lifetime? The internet has exploded in the last 10 years, but you don't see it in your lifetime?

How old are you, 85?

Don't get me wrong, I love a physical disc, but it's becoming obselete as the years go. You still have to download the patches, in time it will be the same as a pc game at retail, just the data to tell the server to do...

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'I'm playing AC:O & I love it,RDR2 I find boring. '

Well there you go, that's why no one should trust your gaming tastes.

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I reckon it was made to be a social experience. This is just a hunch based on the knowledge I have of Jade Raymond.

It might have been a good game as well, but Jade Raymond was involved.

I also have it on good authority that the gameplay was excellent, until Jade Raymond got involved.

At one point in the game development it was established that the game was going to be good, after that time Jade Raymond got involved.

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'A really fascinating +18 erotic RPG/training simulation game'

It's not fascinating, it's shit.

EDIT:Lol, the developers are called Biggus Dickus Games :D I'm willing to bet that thegg.net funds these games in some capacity, no way would someone cover these games so religiously unless they had a hand in it.

Either that or it's a site full of preverts.

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Amazing game, absolutely loved it. Tried playing Assassins Creed Odyssey the other week and after you've played RDR 2 you appreciate the feel of the horse riding and the AI. No other open world game comes close.

If someone can point me to a western themed game that is better I'd be interested. As it is, there's nothing else like RDR2.

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Another cash grab, sums up the industry to an extent. It's sickening. Thank God there are some people out there that actually care about their products, these guys certainly aren't that type.

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Playing Divinity Original Sin II now and it's one of the best rpgs of all time, it's amazing. Certainly the best rpg this year.

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Persona 5 was pretty boring half way through if I'm honest, it was a good game but it wasn't a great rpg.

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