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Forget about agrees and disagrees man. In the end, it doesn't even matter.

All I know is, I have the PS4 pre-ordered and I am so excited to play it!

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It did get canceled here in the States, but not overseas in the UK.

Can't wait to play The Last if Us. Have not watched anything on this game since the first trailer to keep it all excited!

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Looks great. I love unique PSN titles. =)

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Agreed my friend. I was on the forums there for years. Dedicated a lot of my time to it. Those were the days.

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NFL Blitz I miss that game. Had so much fun with it. One of the best parts was the announcer. He was hilarious. I hope he makes a return here...

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And the Hydra from God of War 1. The way Kratos killed it was the coolest thing I had seen in a video game at the time. What a great series.

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Dude, they took 3 years to make this game...which is way longer of a dev cycle for Insomniac than they are used to (2 years). Plus, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is being developed at their new studio located in North Carolina. So I would definitely say that Resistance 3 is not rushed.

I am really excited for Resistance 3. Of course I like great graphics, and I don't think R3's are bad at all, but I am most looking forward to the story and gameplay. September 6th ca...

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That's what I read also. Very cool that PS3 owners do get the full collection (Not including the old, old ones of course.

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While I respect your opinions, I just didn't get this game. I gave it a chance on a few occasions and for some reason it just didn't grab me like almost every other game I purchase for my library. But I am happy it is a game that many enjoyed and I really wanted to but just couldn't.

But to each their own. Hopefully I won't have to know the whole story of Bioshock 1 and 2 for Infinite. I will give it a try because I know it deserves a shot. Game on people.

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Sweet...because part 1 was awesome. Can't wait to see it. The atmosphere looked really nice.

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I have no idea what I was watching, but I want it!

I love games that break the mold and try unique things. Looks amazing.

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2 new maps + 2 of my favorites from Killzone 2. Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot! I hope they have been changed like they did to Blood Gracht and Salamun Market for Killzone 3.

Can't wait to play them.

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This game occurs before Uncharted 1 so there won't be Elena but Sully could be there for sure.

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I am so excited for this game, as well as so many others this year. Hopefully I have the money and time to enjoy them all. Great to be a gamer.

Not sure I want to participate in the beta though. I always like to complete single player before I hop into MP in games...especially when the Uncharted series has almost unmatched SP. But I have faith in all you beta testers and Naughty Dog.

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Ok...we all hate hackers...they are ridiculously stupid *ssholes. I agree. But come on guys. Because they are ridiculously stupid * insult gay people by comparing hackers to them? Really?

Hackers are awful people. Gay people are not.

Grow up. It's 2011.

2973d ago 155 agree36 disagreeView comment spent over 40 days playing Warhawk? That's insane. I loved the game to but that is an obsession, lol. Can't wait for Starhawk!

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Wahoo! Great job Valve. No install!

I am very excited to play this game. The first one surprised me and I hope this one is great as well.

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Haha...I am going to go to a Sony store on purpose just to buy something on this day.

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At least it isn't another Crysis 360 vs Crysis PS3 or Crysis vs Killzone 3 article...

Can't wait for Resistance 3 and Gears 3.

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