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I don't like the name.

It should be 'The Drake collection feat. Sully.' It has more of an urban vibe to it.

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How about they put Crash in a Crash game?

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The roman numerals would be a hint.

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The Gears 4 demo was disappointing.

I love the series but that demo was Gears of Walk.

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This game screams Mod support.

It looks like everything the X series should've been, I don't care about the story so much since an elder scrolls 'campaign' lasts a dozen hours at best.

It's all about the exploration and that's what made the elder scrolls great, I don't see a problem.

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I'm loving the logic.

2011: "OMG Arkham city is great, well done Rocksteady!"

2015: This game is a broken POS, I'm never buying a Rocksteady game again."

Yes the PC version was a screw up but burning rocksteady at the stake when you were praising them 4 years ago is just...

Being disappointed is one thing, unjustified hate is another.

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For all we know it could've been in development for years, hence the old gen look.

Maybe they were pushing for a release on PS3/360, who knows.

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I was just about to mention the Paul Revere statue, it seems the rumors were right on the money.

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You wanna talk about rehash exclusives?

9 Mario parties

8 Mario Karts

Mario 1, 2, 3, 64, sunshine, galaxy, galaxy 2, paper Mario, Mario tennis, Mario Golf...

Then there is Killzone 1,2,3 shadowfall and uncharted 1,2,3,4...Not to mention the half dozen Ratchet and clank games.

Then there's the multies like Assassins creed 1, 2, 3, brotherhood, revelations, Unity, Rogue, and now syndicate...

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If sales were everything then we'd all be listening to Elvis.

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Mobile gaming has been around for years, if it is the future then why is the console market still so strong?

Keep digging that hole Konami.

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Waiting for a GOTY could become a problem too.

If more and more people start waiting for Goatees, the publishers could catch on and say "screw the customers for waiting so they can get free content" and not include as much content or even bother making Goatees altogether.

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What makes you think GT7 will have a bigger lineup?

GT5 never had Koenigseggs, Holdens, Porsches...

However the mention of a "standard edition" is a worry for prospective buyers.

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I didn't had high hopes for Blacklist but after playing it I had to eat my words.

It's the best splinter cell since chaos theory IMO.

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If you watched the show he actually gave it 4/5 stars.

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It was never a chance of being cross gen-I don't know who thought it was a possibility to start with.

XB1 is more than a year old now-the next gears shouldn't be held back by the previous generation.

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You and me both-not to mention the other billion people who knows what day it is.

The internet is for entry level pranksters. I glued coins to the pavement and watched as people tried to pick them up-it was literally worth the money.

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Twilight princess was the exception but as you say it was launched on multiple platforms. I don't see the Next Zelda doing the same thing.

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Care to elaborate?

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It won't be an NX launch title, there hasn't been a LOZ launch title for the last four generations.

LOZ games are usually released after the the console has found it's feet and Zelda-U might be the same. The problem is that there might not be many titles to fill the void until it does arrive.

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