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wait till the real number come out from sony june 31 2010 ps3 was 38.1 million and fast forward to october 2010 still have ps3 at 37. 9 sony shoud be around the 40 million mark about now and they over track 360 sales and m$ dont even give the real esitmates of the 360 sale unless people are rushing out to replace the console only idiots would be stupid enough to fall for vgcharts fake numbers

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before sony launches the game anyway unlike flopza the arcade racer its glitchy than any other games are out there

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going to flop because its a copy cat of the ps2 eyetoy nothing new

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stole the show and same with tlg sony wins this won

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in the making

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m$ set them selves up for failuer with kineck

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the tokyo game show and the last guardian and ffvs 13 stole the show

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gimped this game big time

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makes forza look like an arcade racer

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everytime i see this game it make my eye bleed it looks so real its better rhan real life

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here i come thousand cars man this game is going to keep me going until this gen is over only on ps3

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nothing like street fighter at all and dooom was also terriable

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360 held tekken 6 back and the ps3 vwersion would had been 1080p 60fps if it had stayed exclusive and by the time it came out tekken 6 was dated same thing with final fantasy 13 no towns remeber no shops no npc no huge world expolre and the ps3 ver was in hd and the flop box version wasnt

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killzone 3 will be better graphics then halo and 3 gears combined

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was not a real ff game at all it was not that great than the game was gimped no towns and very linear no npc no huge worlds explore rubbish game final fantasy vs 13 is the real final fantasy game we all waiting for im glad vs 13 is exclusive to ps3 so the game cant get delayed or get down graded again i was told the other day and was metioned the 360 version was like a ps2 game

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6 days or the getaway 3 series

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and wii 2 will be out next year if so because sony will support ps3 for 10 years unlike m$ and nintendo

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xbox in the graphics department and the 360 does not even come close to ps3 in power its time for a new console from m even the fact 360 is not a real hd console like ps3 it cant support 3d gaming it cant do even 1080p not native running standed def videos ewww but no thanks dvds are so 1996 and they hardley have any real exclusive only halo gears forza fable which will be on pc greenberg also sated hdmi was not needed . uncharted 1 still holds up to today until they have got a game ...

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stated thats its not coming to the 360 its a ps3 exclusive

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