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Yep, although I’d argue it started going to shit when they tried to hock Kinect on their audience instead of continuing to invest in their studios and IPs. 2001-2010 Xbox was peak gaming, though.

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Mirage was mid AF and I couldn’t even get into Valhalla. The series peaked with Origins and Odyssey. But yeah, good luck to them, I guess.

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I’m done with Xbox. Great hardware, love the performance patches for older OG/360 games, but the brand has been on a slow decline ever since the debut of Kinect in 2010. Arkane Austin’s closure is a slap in the face. First they make them release an unfinished game, then they shut them down. Terrible management at all levels at Xbox (aside from the hardware team).

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Pre-order cancelled. They were so close.... then they had to go and bend the knee.

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Devil's Third is HIGHLY underrated.

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I disagree. Graphics in the past were limited by the hardware, not the artists' ability (see Watch_Dogs' infamous vertical slice).

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It's poor management of resources combined with a lack of a cohesive vision for the final project.

BioShock reportedly cost $25 million to develop in 2007 ($38 million in 2024). Gears of War? $12 million in 2005 ($18 million in 2024). Want something more recent? Horizon: Zero Dawn came out in 2016 at a cost of around $49 million (about $74 million in 2024 money).

These are some of the most influential and critically acclaimed AAA titles of this centur...

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They achieved perfection with the first one, then EA did what EA does best and screwed it all up.

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Too little, too late.

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Sue them for what, exactly?

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One more time,

If you want high framerates in your games...


You're welcome.

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Another one bites the dust.

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Spider-Man 2 cost $300 million to make:

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You know who's NOT cutting jobs? Nintendo.

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Sex sells. Always has.

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I don’t get it. Played the trial, deleted after 20 minutes. Not my cup of tea.

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Gonna laugh at all the peasant rage when it still won’t play games at 4K 60…

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No, Nintendo won. They actually make a profit on every unit sold, whereas Sony and Microsoft lose money on each box they sell. Additionally, their attach rates are absolutely pathetic compared to Nintendo's IPs.

$300 million budgets (Spider-Man 2) are INSANE. And unsustainable.

If the PlayStation brand were healthy financially, Sony wouldn't be releasing their older exclusives on PC for a bit of extra coin. Short-term rewards at the expense of lon...

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