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I did mean power. Xbox is now a one size fits all console. These games are gonna run on all of their devices. Theres has to be a compromise. Its not gonna work. Ms will be in the same position come 2017. Even worse.

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Why? I can see the PS Neo outperforming it. Xbox isn't just focusing on xbox any more. It has to take into consideration all the other devices too. What a total screw up. Ms trying to take on Apple and Steam is bound to end in failure.

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I'd be more worried about xbox division decline. Sony are in a good position. Xbox is not what it was. Fact.

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I have a feeling this game is gonna be great. Thats why we're seeing so many negative articles. People are getting worried.

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MS have made the first move. A very early move. Sony again for next gen.

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So it is worth getting even if you don't have a 4k tv. Message seems to be all over the place.

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But these new games are only available with Windows 10 and their store. So far the only Xbox One games available are ms ones. Pc gaming doesn't need it. As you said the pc has decades worth of titles.

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Pc gamers aint getting much out of it. Just a few 1st party games and thats it. Where's all the third party support?

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Goodbye Xbox. How the mighty have fallen.

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Well they should get their message across better. It does seem thats what they're saying.

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So unless you have a 4k tv Scorpio does nothing for games. It will play them the same the xb1 does. That sounds pathetic if true.

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People are over Nintendo. So are devs. Theres only so much you can do with a kiddy console and kiddy games.

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Good on them. I wish all devs/Pubs would do this. It makes sense financialy too.

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There's plenty of people who want it though. Me included. Wheres the harm in it? Makes good sense.Especially for the PS4 as it run so crap on the PS3.

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Cool. Can't beat a game of Gwent.

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I know. Thats why i skipped it. Fallout New Vegas crashed all the time on me. Thats mainly why i didn't pick Skyrim up. Especially after hearing about problems on ps3. I really hope they've sorted those problems out as i really want to play it.

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Thanks for the warning guys but this is a game i'll make time for. Wish they wouldn't tell us so early though. Now i have to wait and i haven't got time for that. :)

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