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u can get it and be banned! My friend dont care about online so it dont matter to him..

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doubt it will work unbanning the 360, since Microsoft will be banning them

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93 is high but uncharted 2 deserve a higher score..

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so freaken true it will only sell cuz it got the word "halo" on it..360 fanboys always eat their words in the end..

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Sony is smart by providing Blu-Ray with the PS3..They did it with the PS2 by putting dvd inside and they were successful..

What happen to all those articles saying Blu- Ray is a fail?? lol

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so true i want actually controllers to hold in my hands..Dont get me wrong im not hating on Natal but its so similar to the eye toy..Why do 360 fanboys think Natal is so innovative? waving your hands up and down while standing suppose to be fun?.. It hurts me watching that guy play katmari on the Natal..ouch..

imagine wii games coming to the PS3!! In full hd glory that be awesome

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on HD! that be hotttt

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360 need to stop buying Micrsoft system if they have the RROD..Dont support them invest your money on the PS3 better exclusive games line up.. PS3 will dominate this christmas!!

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Let me see the PS3 got the games and blu-ray and everything else..DUH PS3 is the better choose

Uncharted 2
God of War Collection remaster on the PS3 that comes with God of War 3 demo
Ratchet and Clank Crack in time
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo
God of War 3
Ape Escape
Last Guardian

List of games that will come out around of the end of this year and early 2010.. Sony is going all out with their exclusive line up..

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I bet you Katmari can be played on the eye toy just dont see the big fuzz about natal..

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natal is a rip off of the eye toy for the PS3..Sony ripped off nintendo with motion control..BOTH EQUAL FAIL!!

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they going to charge all 360 owner 200 dollars of hdmi cable now..Microsoft is desperate slim is going to destroy NPD through out the year.

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There no comparison PS3 you get more bang for you buck..While Microsoft is charging for crappy service on their

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Someone likes makeing out with Microsoft Cough *blaze*..FaceBook and Twitter should be free like it always is from the start.. they just want to make more money.You guys are paying for over expensive assecories and online does it feel to have ya butt hole tear up all the time by Microsoft you must love it!!..

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3 years for microsoft and close to 2 years for sony..

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The PS3 will most likely catch up to the 360 next year..Sony just have to continue to unleash all their heavy hitter first party games..

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PS3 is still the better value cuz of the games and the awesome features packed within the system.

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hmm it must be selling out in best buy stores too..Good news for Sony all new PS3 owner welcome to beyond gaming!

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who in the right mind to go with the 360 this winter?? people who alrady have a 360 but it broke so they got to go out and buy another

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"But faulty is the new fashion now days so you may become super trendy.
yup to i feel bad when 360 fanboys try to defend them..its like the boy who cried wolf..

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