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It is a bit silly isn't it, they never think of what the gamers want.

The only reasons I can think of is 1. EA does not want to pay any royalties to Valve and 2. they want more hits on the Origin store so less of the middle man is used in the digital distribution of their games thus equaling more profit.

If you think about it, putting the game on Steam would probably amount to literally almost nobody buying the game from Origin.

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You clearly didnt read the article did you.

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Such a shame isn't it.

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I don't think the list was meant to represent characters Nintendo would be keen on using but instead a fantasy choice of characters that would fit the game well and has had some involvement with Nintendo in the past.

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I have to agree on the shortcuts, never understood them to be honest, also it some what ruins the game for other players.

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It's been added to the site.

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I can confirm it's international, I contacted the admin of the site, he fixed the link. :)

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Couldn't agree more, I love the device and I really do think it can deliver some awesome multiplayer matches, it's just being mistreated by studios.

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I will also be going with Battlefield 4 personally. It just looks like the better game at the moment.

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I agree, a lot of my friends were so desperate for a normal Nintendo console to return like the N64 or Gamecube but it didn't.

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Nothing surprising as the 360 has been out for donkeys years now. It should be outselling it.

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Yes those are fine, I believe that is the official system requirements for the game.

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