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They sound decent but I'm not a fan of the button placement. I have to constantly take them off to look for the volume up/down. The ear cups also are uncomfortable. I'll stick with my A50 gen 3's

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Every man in this day and age should know better to say ANYTHING to a woman while at work that can be used against you. Simply telling a woman she looks nice today or that she smells good can land you in hot water. I'm from a less sensitive era but even I know nowadays you gotta just stfu and be respectful towards women or get "me too'ed" some of these woman may be telling the truth while some may be lying but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because chances are t...

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Well if you can do a better tech analysis than DF I'll gladly watch yours.

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I watched that show See on apple TV and loved it. I'll give it a go.

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That only happens when it's an exclusive reveal...

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And this is why people shouldn't listen to these YouTubers who think they know it all.

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I have a LG CX oled. I have a Switch Oled pre ordered...I have a OG Switch and a Switch lite. Your theory is a bit off. I pre ordered the Oled Switch simply to take one away from the Scalpers.

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There are ZERO storage options for PS5...

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There's no way the Steam Deck will come even close to hurting the Switch. If the PS4 couldn't do it the Steam Deck sure won't.

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Please no Splinter Cell remaster, give me a NEW Splinter Cell.

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I got my pre order in with no issues at all and that AFTER having to reset my password because I haven't logged in in years. I pre ordered hours after they went live.

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See for me I enjoy playing handhelds while I'm in the passenger seat of a car and that's about it. I'm one of those people who pays attention to his surroundings so being face deep on my phone or handheld is a big no no for me. I don't trust the people around me enough to take my eyes off of them...

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Why comment on it them?

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Take off that Tin foil hat it's hurting your brain...

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Surprisingly I was able to pre order the Steam Deck and Oled Switch without any issues. I picked the 399 version since I'm not really a PC guy.

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I pre ordered the oled switch so I can see what the demand is going to look like after release.

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It's a multiplayer ONLY game. There is no single player campaign. The idea of someone buying a multiplayer online game for solo play is absurd. You people make a issue where there isn't one. Who the hell is going to buy an online multiplayer shooter to play with bots? Not only that but let's be real here, who really has a last/current gen console not connected to the internet?

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Exactly who buys an online multiplayer ONLY game to play with bots? Come on now...

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Sounds like cap...

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Umm it's a multiplayer only game so why would some of you people complaining expect any different in this day and age? My god some of you and cry babies...

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