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Shh, you'll hurt feelings of a certain group.

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True that.

Childish, biggest liars, MS shills etc are just some of the qualitites of this cult.

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What's next, xbox fanboys commiting suicide upon finding that TF2 sold much more on ps4?

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Brother just look at that site name, of course you are going to get biased xbox articles from that site. Your excellent points wont penetrate the thick skulls of this dumb group.

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And neither recore, QB, forza etc matter because they too aren't settings sales chart on fire.

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Of course JRPGs matter, it's one the best genre but if its a ps4 exclusive then it'll be downplayed, will be called niche etc. Funny how that works, next time an xbox fanboy downplays a ps4 JRPG or anime games, make sure to rub this article in his face.


"Were all gamers period."

You should tell that to xbox fanboys who downplays ps4 animes games and JRPGs. They need some sense knocked into them.

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"Yes, PS4 Pro is more powerful than Xbox One S. It damn well better be to explain that $100 difference with no UHD Blu-ray drive."

Pro is not just powerful, it's 3x more powerful than one S and just $50 more expensive than the 1tb one S. The value that you are getting with Pro is insane. Just because One S has a uhd bluray player doesn't make it a better gaming device than Pro, PS pro run circles around one S.

Secondly, you are fooling ...

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"Wow seeing a lot of you lately"

Good, you'll be seeing me even more.

"you are a troll and a dick to boot."

*takes a look at majister's comment history"

You shouldn't be calling others troll. Pot calling the kettle black.

"Are you really so bored you need to come to an article with good news and try to make it bad."

Sums up what xbox ...

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Does it emotionally hurt you that I bring QB into discussion? Don't attach yourself with games to that degree, son.

"you are manly full of shit."

The irony in that statement looking at the comment history of yours. GG.

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Cool, I already have skyrim on my pc with mods that xbox wouldn't be able to handle. So it's an old story for me.

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The real scrutiny is the joy of the xbox gamers at the ability to play emulated NES games, which mobiles, vita, psp and PCs have been doing for years now. Tells you the sorry state of the dearth of AAA games on xbox in first half of 2016.

" I want games like No man's sky. Rubbish that I can return in a week!"

Instead I want crap like QB with minimal gameplay, 20minutes long cutscenes, no mp etc


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Why? Do you want one?

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"You gave too much credits to xbox fanboys. They just don't buy games which isn't Halo or COD. "

And gears. I fully agree with your statement mate so I retract my earlier statement.

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Nope, my opinion still stands but thanks for your useless input.

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You tried to sound smart but failed in doing so. Sad.

Sony never said neo will be a "Native" 4k console, so all of your points about lack of native 4k don't cut it. At least you tried.

"- half assing 4K with scaling and called it Checkerboard reconstruction "

Much better scaling solution than one S and 3x more powerful, with only price difference of $50, sony did a great job. It would be...

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I agree with your statement and I would like to actually praise xbox fanboys here, for they didn't fall for QB marketing and avoided it like plague. Kudos.

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Still would have sold higher to QB so I don't know why you were in a hurry to gloat.

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Sony sold a premium feature packed console (ps3) for a very high price tag and we know what happened. Sony has learned the lesson since then. They wanted a great price point for ps pro hence $399, only $50 more than the 1tb xbox one S but 3x more powerful, that is how much value you are getting with pro. But gamers still complain, albeit majority of the people complaining are the xbox fanboys that had no intention to but the console to begin with. Funny!

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