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Number 1 memory for me was selling my PS2 and buying the Original Xbox the moment i played Halo CE for the first time.

Number 2 would have to be racing to the shops after school and spending the afternoon lining up to play the PS1 demo console set up. Playing Tekken against other kids and the winner got to stay on. Good times

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Really.....Really.....SMFH!!! !!

No one on here mentioned anything about DX12 and yet here you are spewing the same dribble that you spew in every single [email protected]#king article. This article is about OS updates and features. Nothing to do about DX12. You talk more about DX12 then every single user on N4G combined. Give it a god damn rest already. No ones give a crap whether Phil Spencer replied to a tweet 6 months ago saying the differences wont be dram...

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Controller preference maybe?

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I don't think there was anything on the ps3 quite like Gears of War or Alan Wake or etc etc

See I can do it too

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Actually the X1 has been able to update in the background and while on standby and it does show your install progress when installing games. The battery indicator and HDD storage manager has been missing though which has been annoying.

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"The game was just ported to the PS4. It was made more for the PC in mind than PS4. Ofcourse, ps4 is a closed system and the game would have looked much better on PS4 had it been made ground up for PS4 exclusively. It was made with "parity" in mind with xbox one version"

You keep telling yourself that Sammy. The game was not just ported over to the ps4 from PC. It was reworked and rebuilt for PS4 and X1. The PS4 version was not gimped to be on par with the...

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Hey dont put me in the same basket as georgenoob. The last thing I want is an annual Halo. Same as AC and COD. Id rather see them go every 2 to 3 yrs or something. Hell I wouldnt even be bothered if Halo took the GTA route and really took there time to get it right. Its Microsofts fault Halo 2 ended the way it did. Im still dirty on that after all these yrs lol

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My wife told me download it while I was at work as on some days at work I have alot of time on my hands when im just sitting around doing nothing. At first I couldnt get more than 2 or 3. Its insanely addictive. My top score now is 44. I hope to get above 50 and then Iight stop lol

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What is the actual scene from. Is it a movie or something. Ive never seen it

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Mate most console launches are pretty thin on the games front. I havnt played my X1 in weeks and have been going back playing some ps3 and 360 games I haven't finished. I told myself I wouldnt buy the PS4 until june but I think im caving in. The games will come though and in a few years time im sure ill have a backlog of PS4 and X1 games that I cant find the time to finish.

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Nice try but no where near as funny

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No different than MS going around defending Kinect and saying Kinect adventures was the biggest selling title on Xbox 360. It was bundled with kinect so shouldnt that take away from those figures.

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They should do combat evolved anniversary too and have Halo 1-4 all in one pack for Xbox One.

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Well that changes things. One of my biggest gripes with Achievements is that I could 100% a game and it shows up in my completed games list but as soon as dlc comes out it gets taken off my completed games list until I get the dlc achievements.

Also whether I prefer xbox or playstation isnt the point. The article is an opinion piece and I commented with my opinion. I gave my reasons why. None were bogus at all. I may think your reasons for trophies being better then achievem...

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I prefer the scoring system over different colour trophies. I have also grown quite fond of the Pop sound that comes up when you get an achievement. When I get trophies I dont get that same excitement hearing it. One question though. If you get a platinum trophie for a game and then they release dlc for that game with extra trophies do you lose you platinum trophies until you get the new achievements??


What does my username have to do with my commen...

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No....just no

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I agree man. The whole point of a wireless controller is to be wireless. Why after say 6 to 8 hours of gaming would I want to be playing with a cord connected that chances are isnt long enough to reach where I sit. I have 8 recharable batteries and a charger that charges 4 at a time. I use 2 and my oldest son use 2 in his controller and the other 4 are on charge. When they run out we just swap and put the empties on charge. I honestly do not see the fuss people have with it. To me its an adva...

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It feels smaller when you first grab it but not to the point it becomes uncomfortable to hold. I have large hands and it feels snugg when I hold it. The first thing I noticed was the size of the face of the sticks is smaller and the sticks are taller than the 360 pad. After a while it feels normal though and I have found my aiming is better with the new sticks. They move more precisely. It would be hard for me to choose one over the other but if you liked the 360 pad you shouldnt have any pro...

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"Why talk if you don;t know what you are talking about?"

And yet your on here everyday talking yourself.....

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Did you not play Halo 3??

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