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@krib, again those numbers were ship NOT SOLD....
As far as halo goes yes it probably did very well on its first month but you bring up that $400 million number to make it seem it sold more then it actually has. ( like you always do ) 🙄

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😂 Kirby, if Dead rising 3 sold 1 million in the first month Microsoft would of been screaming it from the top of the hills.
" Capcom has announced that its Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 has shipped one million copies since its launch at the end of November.
The period for the figure runs between the Xbox One's launch on November 22 to December 20, and Capcom adds that the title has been played for a cumulative total of 14 million hours worldwide.

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You won't get those games on psnow not for a long time.
I said it before and I'll say again Sony is not stupid enough to put new PS4 games on psnow. That would be suicide.
Plus this is just streaming.

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@ ang, who are you talking too? You sound like a mad man.

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@thunder, Who cares where you going to play? Don't buy. There your problem is solved. 🤗.
Looks like you not going to play a lot of games cause a lot have exclusive content on PS4 or Xbox.

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@ imalways, I stand corrected.
It sold 5.09 million copies. Still far from being a fail.

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GT5 Prologue sold close to 10 million. Far from being a flop.
GT sport is going to be a full game not like prologue.

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" It´s great that Phil has listened to the Xbox community. ;) "
I knew you would be the first to defend your buddy phill.

Xboxone lacking exclusives is a positive article!? Ok😳.

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Nothing new. They always do that.
But the devoted fanboys here don't mind. 😁

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You just went full tard.
I guess your from bizarro world.
Welcome too earth.

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WTF are you talking about!?
Horizon sold 2.7 million in less then a month.
Sony is not dumb enough too release new PS4 exclusives to pc.
Not going to happen.
Sorry but Microsoft did no sell 30 million consoles,, the 360 was selling better at the time then xboxone.
Yes I'm sure Microsoft is happy about that 🤗.

Keep thinking true exclusives don't matter. 🤣

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Xbox needs more games right now.

*releases ReCore and Quantum Break*

😂 And how did they do?
Not very well. Probably the worst games on xboxone.

Xbox needs to let their developers take their time.

Forza and Gears released in the Fall. Halo Wars 2 a month ago.

So you proved everyone right.
The only games Microsoft has that's remotely good is gears, forza and halo. ( h...

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