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yet people expect Morpheus to be priced cheap. one thing is for sure it will cost more than the RRP of the PS4.

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i won't be buying the game. not supporting Konami.

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this game is gonna bomb so hard in sales. i hope Sony don't expect much from it.

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Sony themselves said last year "You can't have too many of these things otherwise next-gen just looks like rehashed last gen and we certainly don't want that".

that didn't last long.

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no. VR is just a gimmick. we need a fully fledged Dead Space game that is similar to the first two games.

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the gameplay hasn't been great as well for at least a decade. you need to fix that before wasting time on commentary. also 2K are complete and utter scam artists. they said they completely redone the commentary in WWE 2K15 yet it was literally exactly the same as 2K14.

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i'm not sure if i can ever justify buying an Xbox One as too many games have inferior performance compared to the PS4. instead of throwing away 2 billion at buying Minecraft they should have invested more into the hardware.

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does this include the UK ? how can Sony justify a price increase when the PSN is so unstable and when most of their first party games on PS4 don't even have online at all ? in fact they even removed the multiplayer from Uncharted collection. also the free games they give are trash with maybe the occasional gem. we don't even get ps plus exclusive betas anymore. they have the nerve honestly. i will not be renewing and i will just use exploits to get free multiplayer on PS4 from now on....

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they should delay Uncharted 4 for holiday 2016 so it competes with Tomb Raider. that would be karma for Square Enix.

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this is crazy how many vapourware games are getting announced this year. The Last Gaurdian, FF7 remake, Shenmue 3 and now maybe Agent. all we need now is Half Life 3. then the 5 trinity of vapourware is complete LOL.

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expecting game companies to make somthing new in this day and age is expecting way too much of them.

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nope. Fallout 4.

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Hitman: The Walking Dead episode 1.

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i think the real question is why was the author on a pornhub site.

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Fallout 4 will last me a while and i'll easily get my moneys worth. i'm literally doing nothing but waiting for Fallout 4.

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hypocrite. what about when MS had it. you fanboys are so two faced.

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96 days left baby.

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urgh unreal engine needs to die. so many last gen games used unreal 3 and all of them literally looked the same with the same problems. its better to have a in house engine just look at Frostbite engine very impressive and it would save them money as they won't pay royalties to those cretins at Epic.

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so its not just me who thinks it looks even worse now and it already looked awful as it was and this game will bomb hard and i hope reviews totally blast it. Activision are a cancer and theres a reason why Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero games died in the first place. bringing awful dead franchises back thinking it will be cool again is stupid.

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Evolve part 2. let the milking begin.

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