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I mean he may have been talking about ship IQ being low but all enemy IQ's are terrible in this game.

They just stand there and absorb bullets occasionally running to cover where they just stay until you flank.

It's the only part of the game that ruins the immersion for me.

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This has become such a dumb event...

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I mean based on other tech in the series would that be the most ridiculous thing to invent?

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I have nothing against Alannah but why does she continue to advertise herself as a writer for Santa Monica?

She hasn't been credited for writing anything and as far as I'm aware on GOW Ragnarok she worked with the accessibility team and that's it.

She does a TON for accessibility rights which is awesome but not sure why she claims she's a writer.

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Terrible take. Game is fantastic and if you want to be bored flying everywhere go play NMS or better yet keep funding the scam that is Star Citizen and enjoy 20fps on the highest end PC's in the world.

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If I want to be bored flying forever No Man's Sky is the game. Just because it bores me doesn't mean it doesn't entertain others.

I've played both and Starfield for me is the better game.

Others will pick NMS.

Welcome to gaming, not everything needs to be compared.

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According to Twitter they have less than 1,500 followers.

So even if you triple that they are virtually nothing.

I'm pretty sure a gamer has never held off buying a game because this site didn't have a review out.

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If this game flops Microsoft is so screwed lol.

I don't think it will as many people are hyping it up that have review copies but let's just assume they are full of it and it tanks with dead brain AI like Redfall and just empty pointless planets oh boy.....

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I don't trust a word any goof CEO or boss says.

How many of these losers have claimed their games have thousands of hours of content only for the games to be generic boring trash.

Not saying Starfield will be trash but I just don't trust these complete idiots.

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Disgusting that this IP has outside of the excellent C&C Remastered been regulated to awful mobile games.

Command and Conquer should have had a passionate team assigned and come roaring back years ago.

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I will say it looks incredible.

If this runs well on PC and is actually a solid game I'm absolutely screwed sleep wise for the first night.

Never pulled an all nighter before but this could be the game that I do it with as I'm on vacation beginning next Thursday at 5pm.

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I think the last time I booked a legit week off for work was the launch of Halo MCC and damn was that a mess. Really hoping this time pays off for me and we get a functional and quality game.

Worried as there is minimal true gameplay and I bet this will be embargoed until launch day.

Plus Microsoft isn't allowing it to be playable at their show coming up.

Huge red flag.

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Dude made some killer Unreal and Gears of War games but has been dud after dud ever since. Don't understand why people hype him up. He's a jackass to start and way to into himself.

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COD is becoming tiresome.

Same old garbage year after year which essentially translates to a map pack with new guns that people only use 2 or 3 of and the same hackers who will follow with maybe if we are lucky one new mode worth playing.

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Yeah, so a CEO says something so it must be true.

This game is going to crater so so hard.

People didn't even want to play the BETAs it's so bad.

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Now imagine an XBOX game that costs $200 million that is simply given away.

That's what I want to know about in terms of sustainability.

Sure you pay for Game Pass but how many members do you need to commit to a full year to fund all your studios and big projects like this?

For me as a gamer I love Game Pass but from a business standpoint when your console is still getting outsold by everyone else despite owing a majority of the IP&...

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I mean they keep buying studio after studio while Halo is in the toilet, 90% of Rare's most popular IPs have been dormant for 20+ years, Rare's current new game is lost, Perfect Dark is in development hell and their big new flashy studio couldn't even hack it alone among countless other issues including with The Coalition where I think 3 projects got shelved.

Is it any wonder people keep skipping the console?

Don't get me wrong I love my X...

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They want people to get bored to not see how lacking the planets are.

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Halo sucks which is why it wasn't there. Microsoft gutted this IP and it's beyond saving until 343 is shuttered. Awful studio led by people with no clue how to handle Halo.

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Todd needs to shut his stupid mouth. Anytime he talks I see right through him. He's scum and shouldn't be anywhere near these conferences.

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