Where´s my beer
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Can confirm.

Just remember to turn off recurring billing just to be charged $1.

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Pre-order cancelled.

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"I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me."

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Just wait till 2013

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Sorry mates, kind of ot noob, but i just got PS3 and i´m thinking can i sign in two gamer profiles at the same time (like 360 style) and earn trophys for both while playing split?

After 5 years only with 360 and now shitfaced with "little" vodka snaps on while trying to learn PS3 OS is pretty hard lol, maybe I just need some more juice. But ty for the help anyway =:P

Drinks on me!

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No rocket science here.

MS should just release Rapelay and Tentacle Tenchu 8 for 360 in Japan. There you have it, insta success.


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Next victim, space.

only in N4G.

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Some people in N4G does.


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They would better iron out mind numbing bugs this time. When the game was released, it was almost unplayable for the first 6 months.

Secondly, when a card game loads about 2min when changing deck and in between matches, the coding is extremely bad.

Third, where´s the custom decks?

Other than that, great game.

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They know how to get things done.


Some serious killing spree right there.

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Sony fanbois spent the whole last year and beyond calling Forza 3 Flopza. Then hyping GT5 like the second coming of Jesus.

What goes around comes around. Don´t cry.

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"Looks better than reality"

Joke of the year.

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Great article.

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36 agrees and counting.

Pretty much sums up the state of this site.

At this rate N4G will win the comedy site of the year -award very soon.

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Since when you need contribution to the discussion in N4G?

Trying to talk common sense or have mature discussion with fanbois is a waste of time if you haven´t noticed. It´s just impossible. But reading beyond retarded comments in PS3vs360 threads is actually very entertaining. It´s like when some movie is so bad that you keep watching it just because of the humour value. And there are no shortage of talents on this site.

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N4G´s trademark.

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about 2020 summer.

Okey, maybe little too optimistic.

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Videogameszone.de is the definition for utter crap.

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Beyond epic.

The community behind this game will be on fire for years to come. Hell, where can i sign in?!

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