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so true but your comment is not welcomed here. they will deny this fact like both consoles is not struggling right now. they are too funny thats why even fanbase hate ps fanboys right now. it not just xbox fanbase, pc, and nintendo fanbase hate them to. be careful they ban people that speak up on this site, and i mean a lot of people. its ran by ps fanboys. if its not sony its garbage.

and look at the comments you got arent they walking contradictions. the most hypocrite of a...

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yall do realize why ORift, valve, samsung and others investing in vr right? ps fanboys only think about the games which will still be mostly pc ports at a subpar level. They forgetting the main thing that makes VR truly worth it is the content. ps is not going to keep up in the content market compared to an open platform. its so many research and business venues that can be created with vr. i honestly dont see how thats going to happen us a ps4 to do this. ps is going to get mostly ports and ...

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dont bother if its against sony theyre not going to give up. just by being an open platform ORift is at an advange. while people are making free vr movies and games, ps gamers will be waiting for content to get through the process. how would business owners and research us psvr. ps fanboys forget why ORift, valve, samsung and others is investing in this. maybe cause it has a lot of application outside of gaming. what are they going to do buy ps4 and psvr to do this stuff. don...

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Youre new here huh

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According to PS fanboys on here u need a super dupa pc to do stuff like that. Getting a pc to play vr video and other stuff that's not maxxed out pc games will still cost like $3000

Don't forget there's gonna be ton of people that will choose psvr over the other open to create new venues to make money (spa and such), experiments, and just free content and making free content. They could easily do that with psvr and ps4 is definitely powerful enough if want to cre...

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I think mobile have the better chance in succeeding. Like gear vr. They need more of a standalone device in stead of these plug this in this, buy this first, than buy that and that, but u can buy a bundle for one price with these stuff to hook.

It would be better if they had a standalone device and said plug it in and buy a sd card. I think that's why ms didn't follow everyone instead followed Google because they know that alot of people will be turned off by this

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Income massive PS fanboys suicide. No wonder they hate pc gamers they running out of ammo.

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So its gonna be filled with PS exclusives no matter what. We all know how this site works

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Can't pc games don't count until they get ported to consoles. Pc games get called trash and when they get ported they get the recognition they deserve. Case and point the witcher, moba, mmos, survival, rougelike, Minecraft and games like it. Console gamers usually contradict themselves for the sake of their masters

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People seem to be forgetting this is a pc game first made by pc devs. It's funny how the game barely sold on consoles and people stating its dumb for it to be exclusive buy states how its good that console exclusives don't go to pc because it won't sell as much.

I guess this another great exclusive that pc gamers just don't have right. Off to play some overrated hallway shooter or some rehash with a new coat of paint

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you do know they only posted recommended specs for vr games and not min specs. you dont need a 970 and im sure people that want to try vr for intentions other than highend gaming wont need a highend rig.

but we get why ps gamers say this because they dont have a choice at all when it comes to their platform. yall can even get anything without sony approval and if they dont like something theyll make up a bs like they did with orgins

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This is n4g where anything not tailored towards sony will die a downvoted, troll labeled and banned death

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One get trolling and the other doesn't lmao. I love this site. go sony

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No I'm pretty sure people are saying this its why it won't last. Most will feel better off playing the normal way because they don't want to wear a helmet. And then you have those that will buy and play than the novelty wears off.

U use an excuse like I can use it whenever I want but spending 300 or over not using it enough will bring buyers remorse. People on this side sees and understand y'all point but its never the other way around. A lot of people will n...

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Do you know what site this is? Just say it will sell the best and sony is godly

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Wait wait wait... So PS fanboys are saying psvr will have game with intense gfx on par with pc games. Lmao this site never stops. Ps4 cant match up to pc but somehow psvr will. Star citizen will be in vr do y'all think there will be a psvr game to match. The forest still beat anything we seen on psvr

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Look at the sony fanboys they constantly act like anything that's not on sony platforms is trash but constantly say thing like this. Why don't u buy a wiiu it has more great exclusives than ps4. But I guess u can't do without ur bro shooters

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Wait so y'all saying people are not going to mind having to put on a helmet to play games. Even if they buy its going to get old real quick just like Wii did. It's too much effort.

It's too much effort to play Wii. Pc is too much effort and wiiu controller is too much effort. But strapping on a helmet on your head and play a game where u can't see ur surrounding and controller isn't? It's always like this anything. You talk about how this limited few t...

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Do y'all dumb people know its controllers for mobile devices. Hell onlive was on mobile until recently. Fanboys killed them because they don't want to try new thing until they favorite corps tout something as new and revolutionary that other companies been doing.
Now psnow is the rave. It's coming to mobile and tvs at a higher cost than onlive. Yea go sony

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