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Steam Greenlight, Early Access and Kickstarter games beg to differ. Anyone can put their games on the PC. The difference is exposure - indie games tend to slowly grow on the PC due to fans while indie games on consoles are given steroid shots of monetary and promotional support.

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Remember the always-online DRM that publishers tried to shove down our throats several years back? They failed but they never gave on the idea. Now, that DRM is back in full force under the guise of MP-heavy games or games that were designed for MP in the first place. They have llong removed bots from MP and now slapping SP campaigns that can be played online only.

I assumed the game was designed for online only but that doesn't mean I should just keep my mouth about it. ...

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I don't agree with them because they seem to demand people to throw away what they are familiar with and follow what they want to see. The gaming world is such an open place that it can actually cater everyone's need if the game makers and publishers know how to.

There is no reason for the need of one group outweigh the need of another. Games that caters to SJWs can exist alongside games with features that will trigger SJWs. Who gives them the right to take away need ...

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Articles likes these need to go. These articles tried to squeeze their real life activism into a medium that caters to the users' fantasies and escapism. They are trying to mash two contrasting concept together, like two flints, and all it does is cause sparks that will burn everyone.

We have to look at the game world and understand the context. The badass female NPC warrior/buddy with a tormented past is no different than the male characters who are also suffering their ...

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The author has a PC that can power through Arkham Knight's problems. He knows how to lower the settings and how to update drivers. That doesn't sound like a person who doesn't how to work a computer.

All the knowledge and skills a power geek have won't mean much if the game itself is a poorly ported mess.

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I don't see any problem complaining about a potentially dangerous future for PC gaming. Just imagine if X Box fans didn't complain about MS's plan to impose the Orwellian always-online, Kinect-based, face-scanning DRM for the XBox One.

Games from competing platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay and GOG can be played across all versions of Windows. This new UWP is locking new and future games to Windows 10 and X Box One.

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I can agree if Microsoft is finally making a serious commitment to the PC gaming market. I can wait for its services to improve for the PC crowd although after reading the article it might take me a while before fully committing.

What I can't agree is the fact that these games are Windows 10 exclusives. Windows 7 and 8 users are locked out of this "positive thing" and forced to upgrade. Before this we have PC fans shouting that consoles are holding back PC gami...

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There will always be some group of fans that will play some particular genre in every platform. I don't see the need to dismiss them just because some of them have a smaller active fan base and they deserved the same respect as their bigger brethren on consoles. Capcom recognized this and allowed cross platform play for Street Fighter V. I used to think side-scrollers, platfomer and pixel art games are primarily on console but apparently Steam is flooded with them with new ones popping up...

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It's funny.

Remedy's Alan Wake was supposed to be the lead game introducing Windows Vista but after some delays it was turned into an XBox 360 exclusive. They said the couch is the best and only way to enjoy the game.

Now, Remedy's Quantum Break was supposed to be a system seller for the X1 but after some delays it have to bear the burden to promote Windows 10, too. At least there's no mention of couch gaming.

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The demonic horde from hell is coming to destroy the world. A space marine ain't got time to feel any tension or horror. He only has time to pick up a chainsaw and mow them down.

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Longevity? For games that are dependent on the number of consistent players to keep the servers up and running?

Demanding singleplayer campaigns or portions to a game is akin to console fans sticking to their preference to physical copies. Console fans used to despise digital distribution seen on Steam and one of the reasons they gave is that their physical copies can still played well into the future whereas Steam games can easily pulled off the servers for numerous reasons ...

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The countless fans of CoD, Halo, Destiny, Titanfall, The Division, Rainbow Six Siege and more cares. They're the ones who are pouring money into these kinds of settings and features. I'm sorry to say this but WW2's rigid association with history is not a big money maker. Even Wolfenstein have to go forward in time to jump start the franchise again.

Don't get me wrong, I really do want WW2 shooters to return. In other genres, namely flight sims and strategy gam...

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Story wise the WW2 setting still have a lot to offer. In terms of gameplay however futuristic settings have the upper hand.

Double jumps, air control, cloaking around, power sliding, parkour movement, weapon mods, remote controlled devices- those are some of the features in futuristic settings that would be out of place in a WW2 setting. In futuristic setting you can modify your avatar to look however you want but I don't think a Nazi soldier in a pink uniform double jump...

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"tautological." Thanks, I learned a new word and I love what it means.

This recent rash of anti-piracy articles feels like some of the younger writers for these sites discovered some profound problems in the gaming industry. We, older gamers and gaming journalists, already knew about the piracy problem and have come to accept it but for younger ones it looks like a terrifying problem that have been swept under the rug. The title of this article and its content is th...

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That's why I'm a bit put off by a number of these indie devs who think highly of themselves, especially those lone devs who have tasted so much success in a very short span of time. They have all these talents and passion but they are such fragile and demanding people.

In contrast I enjoyed watching the development of devs who started out as indie devs or just a small team like Croteam, Bohemia Interactive, Flying Wild Hog and CD Projekt Red. They just came into the g...

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Less PC support is one reason but I'm referring to what devs will do after stat reveals such as this one. He's sad because of the piracy rate for his game and now he's hinting at the possibility of the next game might be in jeopardy or adding a horrendous DRM. For all we know this piracy drama is drummed up to get the coveted console exclusive deal for their next game.

I'm not asking for free games. I just don't like whiny indie devs.

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I chuckled when the author had his mind blown by the fact that there are message boards on these torrent sites and that the pirates are talking to one another like any other online community out there. Yes, game pirates are humans too.

Steam discovery que recommended this game for me before it was released and I was interested with the visuals so I put it on my wishlist. After release I realized that it was just a game filled with line puzzles. I would've wanted to wait ...

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Just before Christmas last year I bought a wireless mechanical keyboard and a wireless gaming mouse for a week long trip to my grandparents' village. Then my Steam Controller arrived.

I barely used the spanking new KBM combo for their intended purpose(gaming) since then. The Steam Controller took over their roles are my primary gaming device while my old 360 controller is collecting dust somewhere.

Really, XCOM 2 fans should get the Steam Controller if t...

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That's true. Good demos can be a significant factor for a consumer. I wasn't a big fan of the early Tomb Rider games so I skipped the 2013 reboot. Several months later I bought it during a sale and I liked it so much that I honestly said to myself I should've bought it earlier. Because of that I bought Rise of the Tomb Raider when it came out.

I stumbled upon The Witness in one of my Steam's recommended discovery ques. I put it on my wishlist and I was about t...

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So, what? There are still people out there making mods for Star Wars X-Wing Alliance, a game that came out in 1999. The makers of The Witcher franchise are making money on the side by selling old games through GOG.

Do you know what's great with these PC ports? PC gamers can play can easily carry them over to their next $900-$1000 rigs. A medium spec PC built a year from now can play these hand me downs with no extra fees. In contrast console gamers have to pay Sony a subs...

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