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hey guys on my ps3 i installed the ps3 media server on my laptop and have access to everything thats on my laptop thru my ps3. what should i use for the ps4 the ps3 media server program isn't working on the ps4

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doesn't matter remote play works like crap on whatever device your using or what ever co. is doing it. there is always lag. only a few types of games are even somewhat playable on remote play

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guys beta servers are up.
please, just go play it and judge for your self. you don't need to read some idiots review of the game.

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douglord this is how you get a little big ban

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yes yes yes +1 why in the h%ll can't we play music off our vita's

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help! do you drag and drop all your albumn folders inside the music folder or just drag music onto the usb stick it self?

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so guys what do you'll think
would it be smart for sony to do holiday bundles with ps4 +ps tv and bundles with ps4 + vita with special black friday pricing?

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I got in to the tail end of the beta. while I had some fun playing I was left with a lot of questions.
1 is this a mmo style game with 100-1000 of players on the same servers driving around the country?
2 are there different meet up locations in the cities? like towns in a MMO where players can gather to hook up for crews and missions.
3 is this like other mmo's where they will be adding weekly or monthly content to extend beyond the level cap?

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hey spencer i have a better idea, instead of money hating existing franchises why dont you go out and find and fund your own no man's sky.
i hate it when kids go me too and it looks worst when adults do it.

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so this is your easy mode for casual
gow combat system is both deep and fun at the same time

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guys business 101 you can always lower pricing in retail but it is almost impossible to raise them. start high then go low where you need to. sony will get it right
btw on a 4hr rental can u convert it into a 7 or 30 day option and have the money credited to the longer rental?
thats the way it should work

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wow you couldn't make this sh@t up if you tried.
the hits just keep on coming TV TV TV AND TV
oh my and to think spencer said its all about games

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i notice that whenever there are articles about the PS4 and SONY or NINTENDO it is always outside developers and other industry leaders praising the systems and the companies.
with MS the only positive XBOX articles come from spencer or that other mouth piece major nelson doing all the praising and high fiving of MS.

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yea lets get a godzilla roar ringtone

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great conference if you like multi plat games.
for xbox big time exclusives not so much.

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ms needs to show shenmue 3 on xb1 or else the conference will be a big disappointment for me

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i'm not too concerned about the games sony has upcoming for the ps4. one thing you need to remember. sony is huge in europe and japan it's their home base. they need to spread their annoucements out to gamescon and tgs.
unlike MS who shoots their whole load in NA. plus 90% of what ms will show is for 2015-2016 and beyond(no pun intended)

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no matter what console you guys like best. there is one thing that is not debatable. out of the 3 sony has had the clearest most forcused message.
from day 1 when mark cerny introduced the ps4 two goals were stated,
ps4 was created by and for developers #for the developers
the ps4 is foremost a games console #for the players
and sony has stuck to this goal. where both ms and nintendo keep sending mixed messages and changing and back peddling on their con...

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isn't this the guy who was spreading all the fud before the xb1 launch. seem to remember he had to back peddle on alot of statements he made. he was spreading alot of wrong info

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we now will have 2 game consoles at $399.

one is a tesla model s the other is a toyota prius.

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