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Well can a games subscription service survive without great games and killer apps in the long term?

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And it’s because of Microsoft that games went from $50 to $60 back in 2005…. It was going happen eventually it doesn’t matter who did it first… are you going to complain and blame Sony if Gamepass goes up too

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Yeah but why risk the drop in the stock market by saying this about GP?

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Don’t forget about Dragon Age

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I agree I don’t think that it’s a case of people settling because of not being able to get a ps5. I think that there is interest in both consoles this gen and people are seeing the potential of XS in the future for games with all those studios working of new games so they are jumping on. It now. I think that people want both consoles this gen. Once that supply for the ps5 increase the sales will increase as well. There is room for both systems to thrive and they will this gen

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Playing it right now in bed on my Vita via remote play lol… I still love this handheld and I wish Sony didn’t abandon it

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Um COD exclusive content started on the Xbox 360 not PlayStation. So did Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC it was exclusive to the Xbox 360 for over a year before it came to PlayStation. This was started on Xbox first dude

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Let’s not forget Tencent too… those are the companies that can spend as much as Microsoft especially Apple if those wanted too

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Me either he did this before with zenimax he’s not nor Microsoft is seriously considering this. Once the sale is approved next year everything will be Xbox and PC exclusive

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I think the streaming stick device would be awesome and It will make Xbox even more accessible than it already is. How many casual gamers will get the stick and have access to all the current gen releases and backwards compatibility. It will be the fire stick of gaming

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You know what’s great is that the only worry that I have about gaming is finding the time to play all these games releasing this year. Man if Starfield and God Of War Ragnarok release around the same time in the fall it’s going to be awesome

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I have an sinking feeling that it’s going to be delayed into 2023

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Games and even more games on PSNow. I’m never without anything to play on mine dude. I’m currently playing Mass Effect 2 and deathloop on mine. Oh yeah didn’t Xbox launch their new console without any launch games? You certainly have no room to talk about games dude.

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@witchcraft Halo 5 was trash and you know it. Honestly I would not defend Microsoft for last gen at all you’re going hard for them when they pretty much just left Xbox one owners including myself out to dry that’s why they lost so much goodwill and a lot of gamers went back to PlayStation. Don’t try and justify last gen they dropped the ball and they sucked. They are now making up and gaining back their supporters but don’t deny they dropped the ball last gen.

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I too have gamepass and still buy games that are not on there but you know there is a large section of gamers who feel that they shouldn’t have to buy games anymore and are “waiting for it to come to gamepass” instead of buying new releases. My friend is a diehard resident evil fan who refused to buy village earlier this year because he thinks it be on gamepass later this year. It’s crazy how some people feel like you shouldn’t buy games anymore. Don’t get me wrong it’s their right to feel th...

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@monkey602 I totally get what you are saying. I had the same discussion with a friend and he thought I was hating on gamepass when I wasn’t. I’m just worried that 3rd party developers that don’t put their games on gamepass day 1 will be turned off by their games not selling well on Xbox because a lot of gamers who have gamepass take the wait for it to hit gamepass approach instead of buying games when they release.

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PS Now has gotten better in recent months there are plenty of great games on there. That being said they are ways away from being on par with GP the first thing that they should do is make all games downloadable that would improve thing tremendously. Second better awareness would help I'm sure there’s millions of PlayStation gamers who aren’t aware of PS Now and that’s on Sony.

I’m not even going to mention have exclusives release day 1 because I don’t see Sony ever do...

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I remember it getting a boost when it was on PSnow earlier this year as well. Decent game though the only reason I played it was because it was on PSnow.

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I think that’s the common misconception about Gamepass is that every new game release is on GP but it’s not there is a lot of big AAA 3rd party games that people still will have to purchase if they want it day 1. So we aren’t getting every game day 1 and Microsoft is trying to bring awareness to that.

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Microsoft has definitely earned the love they are getting from consumers. They lost a lot of people during the XBONE era and I have to admit they are doing a great job with restoring faith in their product.

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