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Get it to play ps3, now theres more of a challenge.

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Homefront was the worst game I bought

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Is this going to be a full game at some time?

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Shit happens. My power recliner just died. Lol

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So if I want to play old games that load fast, I should get a seriesx.

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The game looked great on pro, so has to look good on ps5.

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Still won't make me buy a series x

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The only really easy choice is ps5.

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Yeah, I am sure there will be plenty of kids playing it, so yeah I guess looking like a kid's toy seems appropriate. Remember, you made the dumb statement.

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How many of you like the new game smell when you first open the case?

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Obscure isn't bad and it has 2 player coop mode on its single player campaign. I actually have obscure and obscure 2. Both have 2 player coplay.

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The most disappointing game this generation wad crackdown 3, even enhancements wouldn't help that steaming mess.

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Its sad, that dlc is newer then anything you will be playing on the series x. Lol

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No, old multiplats don't make it a better console. New exclusives is a better selling point any day.

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Hey here's a great idea. How about a bad company 3, or a bad company 2 remaster?

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I still didn't have the need for one.

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That sucks.

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I always sell my used games at my local flea market. The guy who has a video game booth always gives me more money then Gamestop ever would. He also has better prices on his used games.

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Ps5 for me.

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I am a console gamer, so it has no bearing on my decision. I really hate the rampant cheating that goes on in pc gaming. I am not a big fan of cross play. I am a fan of Sony exclusives, so the ps5 is a easy choice for me.

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