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understand how business put up an estimate of how much money you are going to make at the beginning of the year, and you usually put it at the highest possible it can be. Then as you dont hit that mark, you gradually lower it. That is what Microsoft is doing, and Sony is doing it as well. They expect to sell 10 million, probably wont, and tehy will lower it to 8 million, where they will hit that mark.

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You are a moron, its in the Xbox 360 section too...maybe take the time to read the title a little before you run your mouth.

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while that post was slightly makes incredible points. From the looks of it, blu-ray may very well win that war. But who cares, in the end(10-15 years from now) its all gonna be digital, so sony can have its fun now.

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If its multiplatform, it will look relativley similar on both, PS3 will not look any better than the 360 one. And if you go by what has happened so far with multiplatform games, it will look better on the 360 and have terrible frames on the ps3

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wii can not do HD above 480p. The statement above was taken out of context, and was meant for their next console. 360 was able to patch up because the hardware is capable of it. Wii can not do that, even 780p is too much for it to handle. They stated this a while back, im just too lazy to look it up

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and every time a friend comes over and plays...its always the same response, "I'm gettin' one of these."

Case Closed....mass appeal, same as DS.

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And everyone here forgets...starcraft...Giants: Citizen Kabuto....Diablo....Sacrifice. ...Loom...countless others I cant think of right now.

But more than anything...starcraft needs a RTS sequel.

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You are foolish, I dont think you know much about games history. SInce the beginning of video games, they have always had f/r issues. They do on the PS2, they will also on the PS3. The do on the Xbox, and they do on the 360. Its just a matter of how much.

If you read a little about 1080p, you will find that it is near impossible to get a a game to run smoothly on it. Ask yourself this...Why are almost all PS3 games 720p? Its because the developers of the games are smart...

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The port on the back of the 360 is universal, and therefore will not need an adaptor.

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Disgusting charachter models. But the islands are beautiful, and blow Oblivion out of the water at long distances.

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sonic owns...and master chief would wipe the floor with snake.

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Yes, the video shown to the public was run on DX9, but behind closed doors, it was shown at DX10. If you search a little you can find comparison reads. I know IGN has one, as does gamespot. Just look.

There is a large difference in the capabilitys between the two versions. I.E Smoke effects. Please take the time to do complete research before you spew worthless nonsense.

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As I recall, some of the old armored core games didn't get the best scores either. But that doesn't stop people from liking them now does it?

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Killzone was last reported to be an ugly a** game. Just to let you know, everything that you have seen of it, is CGI, and I don’t know if you know, but you cant play CGI footage moron.

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It's spelled scared....notice how i add a 'd' in there? It's called english. Is it not possible for one sony fan to be able to do the mundane task of spelling ONE word right?

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Ah, but your comment on non-commenting did prove that you have neither spelling, grammar, nor punctuation in that tiny little head of yours.

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"What the hell games does the 360 have right NOW that are Next GEN.....NONE. Every single game out right now, is just better graphics, nothing more. The launch games of the ps3 looks better than your games out right NOW. Are you nuts. "

Um, please tell me a PS3 game that is next gen by your definition then....because all I see is, old news games with "upgraded graphics." So according to everything you have said....the ps3 games are not next gen then...becau...

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Pac-Man is the sh!t you b!tch.

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this is being developed by a different developer???

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That list is all wrong...Dead Rising comes out on the 8th. And frame city killer, to my knowlege is not released yet.

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