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its not even a day old and its in game preview what the hell is wrong with the gaming community.

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Obvious answer is obvious

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You would have to have a failure to "salvage" Halo 5 is the best Halo Multiplayer ever

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The comparison makes no sense as they are completely different

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No iam saying this was not created to destroy PS4 it was made to satisfy the hardcore Xbox gamer and put the brand forward.

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Couldnt disagree more. Their vision and everything they have said has been exactly what they have provided. True 4k will be provided through their first party, Forza 7 shows this and the rest is up to the developers. If a developer wants to just keep it on par with PS4 Pro that is their choice, if they choose to use the extra horsepower that is also their choice. The problem with Microsoft management has been these terrible articles who do no research and go for clicks

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lol Nintendo is just now getting to almost acceptable HD and their online performance is still 10 years behind

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Everything he has said is true. Although i have no issues paying 60 dollars for a single player game like uncharted, the last guardian there are many people who will not. Xbox tried with Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break both i also enjoyed but they sold poorly. At least with a game such as Rainbow Six it can bomb at first and recoup in the end. Quantum Break is dead no matter how good it was

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And it was never meant to be one

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lol Nintendo fanboys are so hyped up now i almost feel bad for them....i say this as a fan of all gaming PS4 is thriving and Xbox is in a resurgence and with games like Red Dead 2 and Destiny 2 on the way its looking nothing but bright for the future of all gaming.

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This console generation might have been the best ever
1) Overwatch
2) Sunset Overdrive
3) The Last Guardian
4) Resident Evil 7 (returns to its roots in a whole new way)
5) Halo 5 (game is great haters gon hate)
6) The Witness
7) Donkey Kong Country Returns
8) Mario 3d world
9) Mario Maker
10) Rocket League
11) Doom
12) Splatoon
13) Bloodborne
14) All of the Forzas <...

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lol yeah ok

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Gonna beat the dead horse but out of the 20 friends i have with xbox ones nobody buys phsycial anymore. Do we get digital numbers eventually or just physical?

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He is right.....The problem is reviewers are not looked for "just their opinion" anymore. We want to know if the game is good or not. Forza Horizon 3 should not be getting a 4 out of 10 from anyone. The quality of the game is superb and even if you dont like it, to give it a score that resembles the same as shovelware is an embarrassment to the gaming community. I hate God of war i think its boring hack n slash, but if i were a reviewer id never give it below an 8 because althou...

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You will not escape 8 million commercials for gears of war during every single major NFL game and World Series in October

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Not exactly true Xbox did obtain timed exclusive DLC but it was like 30 days....Bungie is charging full price for their expansions and even after a year its all not unlocked for xbox players. Its pretty ridiculous

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It was never confusing...stupid people made it confusing.
Xbox is now universal. As of right now Xbone and Scorpio will play all of the same games. Scorpio will be like having high end PC and Xbone will be low end. Everyone no matter what price range will be able to play Xbone games. Eventually in like 2-3 years Scorpios successor will come out and Xbone will be phased out and Scorpio will then be the budget system while the new system will be top of the line. Your games will co...

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Paying the possible $399, $499, or even a $599.99 Price tag for Scorpio is much more appealing to me than building another gaming rig. I have one now that was top of the line around 2011, but iam at a point now where i like to know i can buy a game and it will be optimized immediately for the experience i want.

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yes it does. It needs the power to stay relevant to 3rd party companies who want their latest and greatest on every device available. Graphics will ALWAYS be the first impression when it comes to video games. I want full powerhouse versions of Mario, zelda, metroid and iam willing to pay up to 599.99 for a nintendo system that will do this.

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I think the major point people are missing are these games are going to be on PC now which has ALWAYS been cheaper than console. Just look at overwatch for example. Now that the store is unified Microsoft knows the PC consumer is not going to spend that much so selling at $40 to 100 million people instead of just 18-20 million at $60 with just xbox will make way more in the long run.

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