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When did I say anything about PS3 not having good games? I have a PS3. PSN: Papa_-_Smurf_
I've played quite a bit of GT6 actually.

Was just pointing out a few facts, and the trying to figure out just how did Sony manage to lose the american market so quickly, which it pretty much had by the balls for a decade.

And to be fair, good games are just an opinion. I for one cant stand God of War but other people like it, whereas I like GT6 and other peop...

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Third place?

And its worth noting, the PS2 wiped the floor with the original xbox and GC, and the PS1 totally devastated the n64. The North American market was a LOCK. Now one generation later and they are what? 5 or 6 million behind and falling further?

How does that happen?

The Vita will limp along until it gets a price drop then the real game will begin....just like the 3ds

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Didn't the wii go flying out of the gate?
And wasn't the PS2 sold out at launch for weeks and hitting ridiculous prices on ebay?

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fifa, nba, gta, bf3
there are tons of games. unless you only play exclusive games which means you miss out on a TON of great games like rdr.

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Waiting for it to come back up again. Played zombies earlier this afternoon and tried to log on five minutes ago and got the "down for maintenance" message


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About Em EFFing time.

Gonna be busy tonight though.....and tomorrow. So gonna get back on on Monday.

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a game that sucks dog balls IN YOUR OPINION. There are about 20 million people that would disagree.

But since you are the hardcore minority i guess they are all wrong and just don't know they are not having fun. Look at them....smiling, laughing, playing....little do they know they are definitely not having fun.

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"Come on, wake up! Its MW2 renamed"

we buy God of war again and again and its the same game. we buy mario again and again and its the same game. same for Halo, same for FIFA. KZ3 was KZ2 with jetpacks and bit less people online.

What game, Nelo, have you seen that DRASTICALLY changed from one isntallment to the other?

Its a shooter. Its gonna have new guns, new perks, new maps and maybe a jetpack or two. That's about all you c...

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I'm definitely picing up BF3. Going to get a new PC just to run it. Well....i need a a new PC anyway so it just comes out at a handy time, lol.

But i will most likely also pick up MW3. For those times when i want mindless run and gin action.

Both games have their purpose. I'm just worried about how long it will take me to get int the groove of mouse and keyboard after so many years of using sticks.

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hope they leave the cloak out of MP. Games where campers can go invisible are about as annoying as PSN being down.

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You do realize that many people, myself included ALREADY DO THOSE THINGS IN ADDITION TO PLAYING GAMES. You people make it sound like everyone plays ps3 24/7. I just play about 3 times a week, and SP is boring to me. I have lots of friends in different countries and we play FIFA online together. cause of this, we can't.

I work, have a gf, go to the gym, play soccer and play FIFA. Gaming is something i enjoy doing and right now, i cant do it.

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i got rid of my xbox, all i have is my ps3. And SP is downright boring for me.

I wonder how long it will take before even people like ravagex start to get annoyed at this. 1 month? 2 months? 4 months?

Surely at some point people will say WTF

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when PSN is back its going to banish all 12 year old kids?

That's some interesting tech right there, lol

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way to reply to comment on the story. good contribution, lol.

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Its the best selling PS3 game of all time. why not bundle it? Just cause a couple hardcore nerds find it too popular? That's like not putting windows on your PC cause 0.5% of people find real computers run linux

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Yeah you should. Why not. free country.

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As annoying as it is now. The funny thing is when it comes back we will all forget about this in a week, lol.

But while its down, yes, its annoying a hell.

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Why not own a 360? Its not a bad idea to have the best of both worlds.

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"the same game with new maps"

.......and weapons
.......and gameplay modes
.......and perks
.......and killstreaks
.......and customization

What did you expect honestly? that it would turn into an RPG? its a shooter. How much has Halo, quake or Killzone changed? All you ever get is new weapons, modes and a vehicle or two. nothing ever drastically changes.

I would argue Halo has innovated the most thi...

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For those of us who, unlike the author, cant give a rats behind about single player cause its boring to us, PSN being down is VERY annoying.

I play games about three times a week cause i'm a very busy person. Work, gym, football, girlfriend. But i do enjoy my gaming when i get the chance and not being able to get that is starting to piss me off. Fifa is my most played game on the PS3 an anyone who has played it will know that playing the computer is NOWHERE near as enter...

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