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A Sony retard no thank.

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Since the dawn of man kind scientist have been striving to create the perfect AI and have failed.......drums roll.......i would like to introduce to u all the First and Only Kind Perfct AI Milo. what scientist couldn't achieve Microsoft have created Milo. which will blow away anything sony has for E3. Milo would be talked about and Magazines would write about this phonomena for years.

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Halo 4.

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Can't be bothered to read what's he Yapping about?

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Great game deserves great SALES also Majority of sales were on xbox360 and also xbox360 was the superior version just in case anyone wants to know.

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Halo and Gears have great story and many other games......i think Guerrilla Games should shut the hell up and stop acting as if they have the greatest story to tell in Killzone 3 lol.

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I don't like the word FREE associated with xbox360.....makes me feel cheap & dirty like ps3.

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Nice Rare games are awesome mouth watering can't wait i'm gonna faint with over excitement........someone pick me up.

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Microsoft has already WON it's nieve to think otherwise......2 E3 Conferences with Mindblowing Exclusive's lined up ready to strike down what ever Sony can muster up and to Finish E3 what better way to drop there Atom Bomb on Sony and there fans and obliterate them all together.

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Since N4G had a face lift all sony duplicate articles get approved even if they have been REPORTED. This is what i mean about N4G is controlled by sony fan boy's and the MODS on this site have no SAY in the matter because they are scared.

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Halo Reach
Gears of War 3

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Exclusive ONLY FOR XBOX LIVE = yummy yum Day 1 buy for me baby.

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I would love to see a ps4 announced and loads of Move coverage. and a remake of this:

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What am i suppose to do with a engine? i wanna play a game like Half a friggin Life 3 not no damn engine.

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Nice xbox360 (EXCLUSIVE) yummy yum.

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